Boss Monster at Athena

Boss Monster is not a game that I have played a whole lot of but I played it a couple of weeks back at Athena’s Board Game evening and managed to win there so I thought I stood a chance. This is only my third tournament at Athena, the last one was a Ca$h & Gun$ tournament and the first was a Catan Regional.

In this tournament there was Shaun, Alex, Andy and myself, I knew that this wouldn’t be easy but I quickly developed a strategy that started to work quite well. My Boss was essentially Dracula and on one turn I managed to lure three priests into dying in my dungeon followed by four warriors in the next. At this point it was starting to get pretty close but in the end it was the xp order that helped me to victory.


After the first game I knew I was going to be a target so all I could do was to try my best and have fun. The second game was a lot more dramatic and we got to the Epic Heros a lot faster this time around.

Alex learnt from his earlier mistakes and managed to leap frog me for victory in the second game but I didn’t mind to much as it guaranteed me second place, all I had to do was not come last in the third round and I would win outright.

Unfortunately this is where it all went downhill for me as I was only pulling epic monster and trap rooms. Meanwhile Shaun and Andy had built up some epic combinations in their dungeons as well as using there spells to stop me from getting what I wanted.


Shaun’s mage style dungeon was pretty impressive to say the least but it was Alex who soured to victory in the third round, securing him first place overall.

Well done to Alex on his victory and many thanks to Rufus Games from Athena for running a good tournament and allowing me to use the above picture. If you are in Norwich then I would highly recommend checking out Athena Games.


Also on this week is the Norwich Gaming Festival at the Forum, I went down today to check out some of the games and to catch up with my good friend Matt Gambell from university who was there to promote his game RPG Tycoon.


It was great to see such a positive response for my friend’s game and for the festival in general. I even got to have a go at a game that it still in the play testing phase which was pretty cool. I will also be there tomorrow so hopefully I will be able to play some more games then and maybe even demo a few of the ones in my collection.


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