The Spying Titan

For the first time in the history of my time at NoBoG, I have played the same game two weeks running. But that’s ok because it is a lot like Mario Kart and my friends all like that, the game is Titan Race.

On opposite ends on this posts featured image are my friends Lauren and Andy who aren’t able to come to NoBoG that much due to work commitments. We also had Chris, Martin and Tom join Lewis and Myself for a game of Titan Race.


You may have noticed that makes seven of us and you’d be right which was a problem as the game only goes up to 6. However as I had already played it a bunch of times I decided to team up with my good friend Chris.

After a quick rules explanation we proceeded with the race, however this time saw the ice section removed with the jungle taking its place. The jungle board deals a lot of damage to players but I didn’t realise just how deadly it would be.

There was a lot more combat and deaths compared to last week, a situation that was further escalated by half the group dying in the same round.


One of the Titans that died in that round was Chris and Myself who didn’t even get a chance to move ourselves after getting back up from a previous death.

Meanwhile Tom was storming off into the lead with some cleaver positioning. However Chris and I were able to manoeuvre ourselves into a good position to take him out.


Team Tom and Team Chris and myself were within touching distance of the finish line when Martin came out of nowhere and brainwashed us into pushing him over the line.

It was a very sneaky move but one that was beautifully executed. Well done Mr Martin, you did good but remember I am more than ready for a rematch so on your marks, get set, go.


After that we broke out Lewis’s copy of Spyfall where I proved to be really bad at being a good guy and we wrongly lynched Chris after he said he get to a pirate ship by driving.

Finally we ended the night with two rounds of Codenames. It has been quite sometime since I last played it but I was ready to be a spymaster alongside Chris.

As matches go it got quite interesting, especially as I was throwing out clues that linked to 5 different words right from the off. We had a shaky start but they eventually got what I meant and we sailed to victory.


The second game saw the introduction of some new players and two different spymasters in the form of Martin and Lewis. Lauren, Chris and myself were working with Martin who did well but an unfortunate decision by us found the assassin.

NoBoG was a lot of fun this week and it was great to play Titan Race, Spyfall and Codenames with such a great group of people. I am looking forward to the next time these good people come down, especially as they will be bringing a special guest with them.



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