The Magic of Space

A short short time ago in a NoBoG not that very far away we had our weekly rendezvous at the Mash Tun in Norwich. However this time we had to deal with a greatly reduced space which was an important theme of night, especially as I ended up playing Star Wars Carcassonne in both its all V all and its team mode.


We were seated in the upstairs part of the Mash Tun which is a really nice bar in the heart of Norwich and despite the space limitations I think we had a good night. I just wanted to say that our Glorious leader Bork did a great job of sorting everything out, I’m sure next week will work out a lot better for everyone.

Although this week did work out pretty well for me as I got to play Star wars carcassonne with a great group of people. It made a nice change from Titan Race which I had played for the previous two weeks. The first game saw us face of against each other in an all V all competition for the most points, with the four of us there was a lot of action going on.


In normal carcassonne it is possible for two players to share the points in say a city or a road but not in this version. When a tile connects two players into the same city or the same road or even the same planet there is a battle to decide the ultimate victor.

Winning the battle can net a player a lot of points, especially if they time it right and we had a few plays which resulted in taking the points right under the nose of another player. However the cool thing about battles is that you can still get a few points for fighting even if you end up losing it.


Somehow I managed to get a few lucky dice rolls towards the end of the first match which saw me sneak ahead of Adam to gain second place. Because it had only just hit 9 by that point we decided to have another game except this time we decided to play in teams.

Mel and myself were playing as the imperials while Adam and our gracious host played the rebels. This match up started off very peaceful which surprised me but not as much as the realisation that we had inadvertently wrote the first letter of my name in the stars.


However the peaceful playing didn’t last for long and we saw off a lot of competition from the rebels. We held them in a few places but the one place we couldn’t hold them was on the roads but then again where we were going we didn’t need roads.

What we did have was planets and I mean we had a lot of them, I think that out of all the planets in this game I probably drew about 90% of them. Both Mel and Myself managed to hold a lot of the planets for most of the game, that is until the rebels managed to swoop in and taken them out from under us.


It was interesting to see how the board developed over the course of the game and while it didn’t always go well for us, I did have a good time playing. This game has a lot of strategy in terms of where and when you play and which battles you decide to fight, although a bad dice roll can scupper the best laid plans.

Overall I had a great time playing both versions of this game, I have now played it three times at NoBoG and I think that I shall have to pick up my own copy at some point in the near future. It was just so much fun even if I did came second in both games.


We chilled out for a bit after that game as we waited for some of the others to finish but luckily we didn’t have to wait wait for tlong. A group of players acquired the nice round table for a game of Avalon, despite my reservations about the game I decided to give it another go.

Avalon is a game where a player has to choose a number of players to go on a mission, if that mission succeeds then the good guys move a step closer to victory. However there are also bad guys in this game and if they get on the mission then they will surly fail it.

Screen shot 2015-11-04 at 12.04.59

This time around I got to play as Merlin, this character knows who the bad guys are but can’t openly communicate it to the other good guys. This is due to the fact that the bad guys can turn a loss into a win by correctly guessing who Merlin was.

Over the course of the game I tried to point suspicion towards the bad guys but I must have been a bit to obvious as they both knew who I was at the end of the game. However it didn’t really matter as three fails in a row saw us loose anyway.

Screen shot 2015-11-04 at 12.05.07

There was only six of us so we only had Mordred , Assassin and Merlin in play but even though I came second for a third game in a row I did have a good time. I still have my reservations about this game and it certainly won’t be my first choice anytime soon but I will still play it for time to time.

Tonight we were faced with a difficult situation but we coped well and I got to play three games with an amazing group of people. we will have to wait and see what happens next week but the one thing I am 100% sure of is that I will definitely be playing more games.




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