The Chicken God Comes to NoBoG

This week saw the long awaited arrival of the chicken god a.k.a Haydon, our good friend from up north. It was good to finally meet him in person and his first trip to NoBoG made for a rather interesting night.

Our guest of honour choose Secret Hitler as the first game of the night and our group of regular and no so regular nobogers began what was to be an incredible game.


When the roles were revealed it emerged that Haydon and myself were the fascists with Andy taking the role of Secret Hitler. It was an interesting team to be a part of but the game didn’t start that well for us.

I started as the first chancellor and had to pass a liberal policy to maintain my cover, by the time we got round to the next fascist the liberals were way out in the lead.

Andy managed to force Lewis into putting down a fascist policy while avoiding suspicion but I had no such luck. Lauren gave me the choice and this time I put down a fascist policy card but couldn’t keep a straight face when questioned.


After that I forced Chris into doing the same which is when Lewis started to realise exactly what I was. At this point the other fascists had to throw me under the bus but I didn’t mind to much.

The liberals were still one card away from victory but we had brought it back from the brink and their fate was sealed when Chris nominated Andy (The Secret Hitler) as his chancellor.

It quickly became apparent that we were only going to play one round of Secret Hitler and to be honest I was kind of glad. I like the game and I’m glad Andy, Haydon and myself were on the winning side but it was nice to be able to play other games as well.


Andy pulled out his copy of Antidote, a game that I saw him get many months ago but hadn’t had the chance to play yet. The game is essentially about sharing information and trying to work out which antidote is the right one.

On a players turn they can either pass cards around, trade, discard or use syringes to find out information. I started with no information and didn’t receive much until I managed to trick Chris into giving me something useful.

After that things picked up and I managed to acquire a lot more information about what the antidote might be. However the real information was in the discard piles, this info told me a lot more than the cards in my hand ever did.


As the game wore on we had less and less cards in our hand, the game goes until you only have one card left and in our game it was triggered by Haydon. Luckily I had managed to figure out what the antidote was by this point.

We totted up our points and somehow I managed to come joint second alongside Lauren in a game I have never played before. However the ultimate victory with a score of thirteen points went to Haydon.

Meanwhile on another table my copy of Lords of Vegas was getting played. My good friend Jamie seemed to be doing very well when I looked over although I have no idea if he had managed to hold onto victory or not.


When I returned to our table I found out that we were going to be playing a game of One Night Ultimate Werewolf: Daybreak. It has been quite some time since I had last played this so I was excited to give it a go.

The first game saw Elliott turn into a werewolf with myself becoming a mystic wolf, I naturally choose David to look at but all I found was one of the Masons. At this point I hoped to play off as a seer but that didn’t get me very far.


I was undone by the actual seer who looked at the robber who in turn took the seer card. It also emerged that Chris had swapped the cards in front of Elliott and myself which didn’t do us much good as we were both still werewolves.

By this point in the evening there were other gamers finishing their games which saw us gain more players as well as an upgrade to a better table. However we didn’t upgrade our skills and we spent most of the remaining time lynching innocent players.IMG_20160412_222014320

Andy went unnoticed as an Insomniac, he also got lynched when he was a seer and Lauren had to turn away from the group after receiving the shroud of shame.

All in all it was a very good night, we played a variety of games and had a lot of fun doing so. It was good to finally play games with Haydon in person but the highlight of the night has got to be Andy, Haydon and myself wining Secret Hitler.







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