Zootropolis (Review)

Zootropolis is the story of a rookie bunny cop and a cynical con artist fox who must work together to uncover a conspiracy of missing animals and hidden agendas.

In Zootropolis the animals have evolved passed their basic instincts to create a vast city of anthropomorphic animals with zones such as the rainforest, the desert and frozen zone. However despite their evolved status the animals still harbour certain prejudices with the majority of the police comprised of predators and even the mayor is a lion.

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Judy hopes is the bunny and is voiced by Ginnifer Goodwin who puts in a very good performance as the rookie cop. I really liked her character, she has a great attitude and a lot of character development.

The sequence of events leading up to her partnership with the fox Nick Wilde played by Jason Bateman was pretty fun to watch. Nick Wilde is also a pretty interesting character who we get to learn more about over the course of the film.

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As the film progresses they begin to learn more about each other as they close in on the missing people. Just went you think there the case is solved, there is a bump in the road and Judy realises that she might just be harbouring a few prejudices of her own.

It is one of those classic developments that sees the good teamwork they had developed get broken up. This film follows so many films before it by having the characters figure out something important while separated like this.

However you have to remember that this is a Disney film that is ultimately aimed at Kids so of course they get the team back together just in time to take down the true baddy of the film.

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All in all I have to say that Zootropolis was an incredible film, it had great characters, lots of cool moments and a great story too. Plus it had a nice breaking Bad reference in there which the older viewers should get.


5 thoughts on “Zootropolis (Review)

    1. Yeah for some reason it had a name change when it came over here and to be honest I prefer the name you got in the states. Although it doesn’t really matter as it is a good film no matter what it is called.

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