Three-way birthday week

Right towards the end of march we have Haydon’s birthday, In the middle of aprils we have Lauren’s and at the end is Lewis. Instead of doing three small events, they grouped together to make one epic week where Haydon left the north to come and visit us all.  Lewis and Haydon stayed with Lauren and Andy where they had a lot of fun times, especially when the rest of us came to visit.


(Lewis, Chris, Elliott, Andy, Lauren and Haydon)

Haydon came down on the monday and I wasn’t expecting to see any of them until tuesday night, when Haydon would experience his first night at NoBoG. However I had to go into Norwich a bit earlier in the day and somehow I ended up bumping into Lewis, Lauren, Andy and Haydon, this was the first time I had met him in person so of course we had to give each other a massive hug.

Later that night we played a lot of fun filler games at NoBoG including Secret hitler, One Night Ultimate Werewolf and a game called Antidote which I was playing for the first time. Later that week we also got to play Cards against Humanity, Jackbox and other fun party games.


(Andy, Haydon and Lauren trying to mount their friends)

The Jackbox party games in particular were a lot of fun and it was great to play them with people in the same room as well as being able to introduce new people to it. The games were so much fun to play with lots of in jokes and harsh humour.

Wednesday night in particular was a lot of fun as a bunch of us went along to Quasar in Norwich to have a little bit of fun. The all V all game at the start was one hell of a mess and the team game that followed was one of the closest games that I have ever played.


(Caught out by tom while trying to take a sneaky photo)

The fourth and final time that I got to hang out with everyone that week was at our monthly pay day meal. The meal has grown over time but even I didn’t expect that we would have a total of 14 people turn up to the event, I certainly didn’t expect us to fit everyone in as well as we did.

Overall this week was one of the busiest and the best weeks that I have had in quite some time. It was great to finally meet Haydon in person and spend time just hanging around, I was there for a short time and I can only imagine the fun the four of them must have had over the course of the week.


(Still have no idea what was going on here)

p.s. I have yet to confirm this for myself but apparently Lewis can sing.


(Lewis on the right)


(Haydon enjoyed the meal)



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