Dice Rolls and Close calls

My trip to NoBoG this week saw myself and three others embark on a quest to become the new lord of Vegas. I had not embarked on such a quest in some time, in fact it was my first one of the year and I can’t even begin to tell you how close it got. But maybe I can show you.


(The Games I brought with me)

The night started off like any other with the various players arriving at the Mash Tun in time for the great call out, a process where the names of the games are spoken allowed in an attempt to entice players much like the sirens of old.

I had managed to acquire three other players who I shall refer to by their codenames from this point onwards, first we had blue who had taken up this quest once before, next we had Red and Purple who were new to these lands and myself. I took Yellow.


(Peaceful acquisition)

The early rounds began quite peacefully as both Purple and Red settled into there roles in this great quest and it was in fact Purple who scored the first victory. The lead did not last however and soon Blue was making his move, scoring some big points with some well fought battles and carefully executed manoeuvres.

Meanwhile I had made some good moves of my own and over the course of the game I managed to successfully gamble to multiple occasions in order to achieve what I needed to achieve. At the start of the game I tried to use certain spots as leverage in our quest to build ever larger and more powerful casinos but alas it was no no avail.

Blue got lucky with a well placed casino on the Las Vegas strip which gave him a lot of points, money, power and influence which he used to take control of vast sways of the board. As Yellow I tried to leverage support from Red and Purple in order to slow down Blue’s progress but they seemed more interested in their own plots and plans.


(Blue and Yellow Neck and Neck)

A couple of lucky manoeuvres gave me control of two massive casinos on the Las Vegas strip which was great news for me as it meant a lot of points and money which also helped me as Yellow catch up with Blue. Naturally this also meant a fair bit of competition from the other players who wanted to take what I had, especially from Blue who wanted to protect his lead.

By this point the deck was getting thin and we knew that our quest was almost at its end. With Yellow and blue tied it was still anyone’s game but a couple of lucky dice rolls and good placement meant that I as Yellow had complete control of 4 different casinos right on the Las Vegas strip.

Red, Purple and Blue all fought well and for most of the game I thought that Blue had it in the bag. However by the end of the game the tables had turned, the casinos had changed hands and the victory went to Yellow, the new Lord of Vegas.


(The New Lord of Vegas)

After that some of the players went home while the rest stuck around to see whether there would be any filler games to end the night with. Some players found a home with Aye Dark Overlord and Secret hitler while a few others and myself sat down for a game of Coup, a game which is actually pretty good if you can get the hang of it but for some reason I just couldn’t.

This week’s visit to NoBoG was a lot of fun and I am glad that not only has my copy of Lords of Vegas got to the table two weeks in a row but also that I managed to win the game that I got to be a part off. As usual I have absolutely no idea what I will get to play next week but whatever it will be I am sure that I will end up writing about it on my blog the very next day.


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