Bastille Day (Film Review)

Bastille Day is the story of CIA agent Sean Briar played by Idris Elba who teams up with con artist Michael Mason played by Richard Madden as they attempt to pull off an anti-terrorist in the heart of Paris.

Know the majority of films that I see are ones that I have known about for weeks if not months and sometimes even for years but I only found out about this film less than a week before I saw it. I was browsing though the films listed at my local Odeon and came across this film and as soon as I saw the trailer I knew that it was a film for me.

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Bastille Day is directed by James Watkins and runs for 92 mins and is pretty much what you would expect from an action film, there is a bit of violence, a bit of language and even some nudity. I was a bit surprised at the sudden nudity in this film and even though it eventually made sense why it was there, it did seem a little bit unnecessary.

The story focuses on Michael Mason, a con artist as he swipes a bag from Zoe Naville played by Charlotte Le Bon who is part of a plot to spread terror, her bag then explodes which sets of a chain of events that culminates in a daring heist on Bastille Day.

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What I liked about this film was the combination of Idris Elba who plays a tough yet reckless CIA agent and Richard Madden who is a smart and determined con artist. They just work really well together and even though they were not exactly the best of friends, it was great to see them develop a re pour.

Some of my favourite scenes included the one where Michael Mason attempts to steel a wallet from Sean Briar and the on where he creates chaos in a bar. What I love about that last scene in particular is all the planning that you get to see, it just makes watching it all unfold that more cool to watch.


Zoe also progressed quite well as a character as she went from being scared and intimidated by the bad guys to coming up with a great idea to help out her friends at the end of the film. There was also a little bit of chemistry between her and Michael towards the end of the film but i am kind of glad that they didn’t waste time on that as it would have taken away from what was an exiting climax of the film.

Kelly Reilly plays CIA agent Karen Dacre who is Sean’s boss but she mostly spends her time talking with the head of french intelligence Victor Gamieux played by José Garcia, the french guy who was part of the first trick in a film called Now You See Me (a film i would highly recommend watching btw). Kelly seems to be the go to actress for this kind of role and she is good, it would have just been nice if  she had a bigger part to play.



But back to the film, the action was really good and while the camera quality did let it down in a couple of places I thought that it was a really good film and I enjoyed watching it. There were a few twists and turns with the major one at the end being a bit too obvious but then again it is an action film and it doesn’t have to be that cleaver, it just has to be exciting to watch and it was.

Overall I will have to say that this is a decent action film and well worth a watch but if I hadn’t of had an Odeon Limitless card I might have just waited until it came out on DVD, that said it was nice to watch it in the cinema and if you are a fan of action films or any of the actors in this film then I am sure you will like watching Bastille Day.



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