The People That Train Together Win Together.

Every other week for the past couple of months I have been meeting up with Jonny, Jonathan, Elliott and Chris to play Star Wars Force and Destiny in the evening. However a few of us were off this week as it was may bank holiday and so we thought that we would get there early and play some games.

The first game we played was King of Tokyo, an all V all kind of game where the winner is the first to reach 20 points or they are the last one standing. I used to play this all the time but with every thing else going on it had fallen by the wayside, however we all got back into it really easily.


While there was a fair bit of damage done we were being pretty nice to each other this time around which allowed Jonny to take victory by reaching the 20 point mark. After that was packed away we thought that we should change it up a bit and teach Jonny and Chris how to play Ticket to Ride Pennsylvania.

As it happened it was my forth game of Ticket to Ride in the space of a week which is a bit unusual but I wasn’t complaining. We were also playing with our good friend David who got more and more annoyed as the game wore on, mostly because we had blocked him a lot which meant he had to go the long way round.


Eventually he managed to connect his route up to where he needed to go and seemed to be a bit happier for doing so. Meanwhile Chris and I were practically following the same routes, causing us to battle a lot over the stocks and shares that were available in this version of the game.

We had followed each other for pretty much the entire game and fought over the same battles but when all was said and done it had ended in a draw. Technically I could have claimed victory because of the amount of tickets I had done but I was happy to share it with my good friend Chris.

It just goes to show that if you play together then you can win together.

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p.s. many thanks to Chris for the title of this post.




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