Game of Thrones S6: Oathbreaker (Spoilers)

Oathbreaker is the third episode of Game of Thrones series 6. In this week’s episode we saw Daenerys meeting her future, Bran meeting the past and Tommen confronting the present. However there are also a lot going on with a whole host of other characters, you will just how to read this blog post to find out more, assuming you have seen the show of course, or if you don’t mind a few spoilers that is.

Episode 2 Homecoming

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After last weeks cliff-hanger I was so excited and I just had to talk about it, luckily I had a good friend who was also super excited by what was going on which is why I am so glad that there started this week’s episode where they did. Seeing Davos’ face was literally the best thing I have ever seen, his reaction, the reaction of melisandre and that of the people at Castle Black was just incredible.


In the last episode we got to see the first of Bran’s visions of the past and this week we are taken back to just after Robert’s rebellion to the tower of joy. Readers of the books such as myself have been excited about seeing this sequence for quite some time and I think that they did it very well.

Robert Aramayo did a great job as a young Ned Stark although that voice did sound a bit weird coming from him. The fight was pretty cool and Ser Arthur Dayne or the Sword of the morning more than lived up to his name, I just hope that we get to see a bit more from the Tower of Joy in a future episode.


Tyrion trying to connect with Grey Worm and Missandei was a bit awkward to watch and the only thing that really saved Meereen for me was the scene with Varys trying to find out who was behind all the troubles.

Danerys finally arrives in the Dothraki’s holy city Vaes Dothrak where she meets the Dosh Khaleen, she really doesn’t get to do a whole lot here but I’m sure there are setting up something good to happen.


Seeing Jamie, Cersei and their pet monster try and sit in on the small council made for an interesting discussion between several important characters. Things did get a little bit tense for a while but luckily they all left with their heads and while I was a bit surprised to see Lady Olenna there, I was not surprised that her wit managed to completely steel the show.

The last time we saw Qyburn was when he presented Ser Robert Strong as the latest addition to the Kings Guard at the end of series 5. Qyburn taking over the network of spies left behind by Varys was not an unexpected move but one that I think will pay of well later on in the series.


Sam and Gille finally popped up in this weeks episode, the last time we saw them was when they left Castle Black towards the end of series 5 so that Sam could become a Maester in Oldtown. Sam didn’t look like he was enjoying the journey to much but it was good to see that the bond between them two is as strong as ever.

Meanwhile Arya Stark got a lot more screen time in this episode as she had a long montage sequence showing her training at the hands of the waif at the house of black and white. The mentions to the past and the possible teasers of the future were also quite interesting. There was no Sansa this time around, presumably she is still heading north but we did get to see Rickon Stark back in Winterfell which was quite unexpected.


The men of the nights watch were understandably wary of Jon , I mean wouldn’t you be if you just saw someone you looked up to return from the dead. It will be interesting to see how death has changed Jon Snow but for now it was great to see him sharing a joke with Tormund. Jon Snow swore an oath to the night’s watch until his death, since he died his watch has ended but I am glad he got to face his murderers before he left.




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