The NoBoG Federation

Settlers of Catan is a classic gateway game and one I have played on countless occasions over the last few years including at last years UK games Expo. Out off all of those games I have only ever played the basic version but this week I got to try something different, this week I got to try out Star Trek Catan.


(Basic Catan is Basic)

The basic premise remains the same, get to ten points and win. Instead of wood, sheep and brick you now have Titanium, Dilithium and oxygen which is really just a cosmetic thing but as I am a bit of a Star Trek fan I don’t really mind to much.

One of the big things that makes this version different to the standard game of Settlers is the character cards, they give you special abilities like being able to force trades, substitute materials to build spaceships (roads) and maybe give you some protection from the robber (Something I could have done with in the game we played).

Martin was the one who generously brought the game along for us to play at NoBoG and both Elliott and myself knew we wanted to play it straight away. We even managed to convince Sam to come and join us for a game that comes in one or two pieces and requires just a little bit of set up.


(Ships of the line)

Elliott had a great spot in the middle of three water planets which made it incredibly difficult for the rest of us to get water. In fact the only water I could get a base of was on an 11 which barely came up in the entire game. However the one thing I had in abundance was food which combined well with my 2 for 1 food port.

However while all of this was going on Martin stormed ahead and took the longest road with ease, keeping it for the rest of the game. Martin may have been king of the roads but Elliott proved to be the most combative out off all of us and which gave him the equivalent of the largest army.


For most of the game the robber traveled back and forth between planets that were controlled by Elliott and myself which forced the both of us to loose a lot of cards. Seeing as the theme is Star Trek I thought it was quite appropriate that the Klingons took the place of the Robber token, however that didn’t make loosing cards any less annoying.


(Can’t believe how crowded Space is these days)

Both Elliott and martin had a lot of points from early on in the game and I started to think that there was absolutely no way I could win but as the game progressed I actually started to think that I could. However just as I was in a position to try and win, Elliott rolled the exact number he needed to gain the resources that would win him the game.

I can’t believe just how close that game was, literally anyone one of us could have won it in that final round. The character cards made the game a bit more interesting although there definitely some that are more useful than others, I just wish I could have tried a few more of them out.

I ended the night with a game of Aye Dark Overlord, a story telling in game where there are no winners but only on loser. Essentially you have failed a mission that the dark overlord had sent you on and you are trying to make yourself look good while simultaneously passing the blame onto everyone else. It got pretty random and the cards/my poor story telling skills led me to two withering stares but luckily I was saved from getting the third (I have no idea how).

Last week I got to play Castles of mad King ludwig and One night Ultimate Werewolf


2 thoughts on “The NoBoG Federation

  1. Very cool! I love space-based games so this looks like a lot of fun. Never been the biggest Star Trek fan, but I know enough about it to be dangerous. I’ll have to add it to the list!

    1. Space based games are great and as I am a Star Trek fan, this was a lot if fun for me to play. However you will still have fun no matter how big a fan of Star Trek you are.

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