X-Men Apocalypse

In the beginning we had First Class which was about discovering powers , then we had Days of Future Past which was about conflict between mutants and humans and now we have apocalypse which is all about an ancient mutant who has returned to destroy the world to build a better one. Old faces return to our screens for the third instalment in the series which also sees one or two new faces.

X-Men Apocalypse is set about a decade after the events of Days of Future past but it starts with a visit to ancient times in order to properly introduce us to the villain of the film. I thought that his introduction was well done and I really liked the action scene that followed as it gave a plausible explanation for why Apocalypse was gone from the world for so long.

Oscar Isaac is the actor playing the villain known as Apocalypse, a character who really is a force to be reckoned with. He has a vast array of powers and uses his gifts to imbue others with great power which turns them into his four horsemen and creates even more of a challenge for Charles Xavier and his X-Men over the course of this film.

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This film also has several new faces including that of Sophie Turner who appears as Jean Grey in this film. It was interesting to see the character of Jean Grey as a young person who is unsure of herself and her abilities and I enjoyed watching her grow as a character over the course of the film

Another new face is that of Tye Sheridan who plays Scott Summers (Cyclops), brother of Alex Summers (Havok) played by lucas Till. Tye Sheridan was a great pick for Scott Summers as he worked really well with the rest of the cast and Scott had great chemistry with Jean Grey which was good to see, Jean’s comment after seeing that film was also a nice nod to the fans.

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Olivia Munn joins as Psylocke who is recruited by Apocalypse as one of his four horsemen, she has cool powers and I she put up a great fight but it would have been cool to have seen a bit more from her. Alexandra Shipp also makes her first appearance as Storm who is also recruited by Apocalypse although we don’t get to see quite as much of her powers in this film.

The other two horsemen are Angel played by Ben Hardy and Magneto who we all know is played by Michael Fassbender. The film spends a bit more time on these characters and Magneto in particular, it goes into his state of mind before he is recruited by Apocalypse and becomes important towards the end of the film.

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I really liked James McAvoy as Professor Charles Xavier in this film and I thought that he did a great job of channeling Patrick Stewarts performance while also giving his own take on the character. This film marks the culmination of both his and Magneto’s journey over the course of the last three films and I can’t wait to see what they take the characters next.

Evan Peters returns as Quicksilver, his quick moving scene at the mansion gave the audience plenty to laugh and smile about plus watching him fight Apocalypse was pretty cool too. Jennifer Laurence does another good job as Raven, I liked her interactions with Nicholas Hoult who plays beast and I liked the direction in which her character was going.

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The showdown between Apocalypse and his horsemen vs the X-Men was very exciting and I was amazed at the level of destruction that we saw. Watching everyone fighting and seeing how the battle evolved was a joy to watch although Quicksilver kicking butt at super speed was probably one of the best moments in the entire battle.

Although having said that there were a lot of cool things going on and in particular the battle of the minds and Jean Grey’s use of the Phoenix force was pretty cool and is something that I think could lead to some pretty interesting stories in future films.

X-Men apocalypse is the third and final film of the First Class trilogy and I have to say that I really liked it, the story was great, the new characters and the old ones worked really well together and I thought that the action was pretty great too. I have no idea where they are going to go from here but I am certainly looking forward to finding out.


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