Game of Thrones S6: The Door (Spoilers)

There have been a lot of shocking moments over the last 5 and a bit seasons of Game of Thrones but few have hit me as hard as the ending of this weeks episode. There was quite a lot going on this week with a variety of characters and it was interesting to see where all the different people were headed as we reach the halfway point of Game of Thrones Season 6.


Episode 4 Review: Book of the Stranger

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We finally get some proper action on Pyke as the Ironborn choose their new leader. I really liked all the drama that went on here and it was great to see Theon support his sisters claim for the salt throne, that is until Euron Greyjoy sweeps in proclaiming his plan to build a great fleet which will go and support Danerys targarian (Will be interesting to see how that goes.

Littlefinger pops up again, this time in moles town where he gives Sansa some useful information about where to find support for the wars to come but not before she verbally chastises him for giving her to the monster that is Ramsey Bolton. She is really becoming a leader in her own right and does great alongside Jon and Ser Davos when planning strategy.


Over in Bravos we get to see Arya who has learnt a lot but still has a way to go, she is given another chance with a mission to kill an actress and I don’t think it is a coincidence that the play she is performing in depicts the events of the end of season 1. It will be interesting to see where her character goes from her and what choices she makes next.

Meanwhile Danerys doesn’t really get to do much in this episode which is a shame considering how she ended the last one. However it was nice to see Jorah finally proclaim his love for her and I really hope we get to see him return at some point in the future.


Bran gets a lot more screen time in this episode and this serves the purpose of giving the audience information about the past and why the world is like it is. The fact that the children of the forest created the white walkers in the wars against man was not as surprising or as heartbreaking as the revelation of what Hodor actually means.

I knew that they would not be staying in that cave forever and the way they got them out was pretty cool to watch. While the rest of them are fighting against the white walkers Bran is stuck in the past, eventually he hears them and takes control of Hodor who drags him to safety but not before even more sacrifices are made along the way from the children and from Brans direwolf summer.


Since Game of Thrones started there has been a character who has only been able to say one word and that one word is Hodor. During tonights escape Meera told Hodor to hold the door and because Bran was connected to him in the past all he could say was Ho(ld the)Door which became Hodor.

The realisation of this was absolutely heartbreaking and left me reeling for ages after the episode finished, I can only imagine what the character of Bran must be going through right now.



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