Space People

The Mash Tun surprised us this week with some science events that were happening in our usual spot which meant the majority of us had to head upstairs while some got to stayed down to play Machi Koro. Upstairs Lewis broke out Sherif of Nottingham to some new players and even a newcomer to NoBoG. Meanwhile I got to play Castles of Mad King Ludwig.

Castles of Mad King is fast becoming one of my favourite games and one that I have played on multiple occasions at NoBoG with some players who have played it a lot and some for are just playing it for the first time. Tonight I had two relative newcomers to the game which was quite nice as i always enjoy teaching how to play this particular game.

As usual I took the first master builder token as this gives me a chance to explain what the role does and has the added benefit of starting the other players out with one or two points more than me. We were playing a three player game that night and it was great to see them developing their own strategies over the course of the game.

Our castles grew increasingly bigger and more complex as the rounds progressed but only one of us ever went downstairs which provided quite a lot of nice bonus points for them. Meanwhile I focused a lot on building garden rooms while the other guy took a multitude of different room types as we all attempted to be the one who walked away with victory.

Once all was said and done the points were checked and double checked, favours were awarded and so were our secret bonuses. What emerged was one of the closest games of Castles of Mad King Ludwig I have played in quite a while but ultimately the victory went to Nicky who built a castle with mostly downstairs and utility rooms.


(My Kodama Tree)

Most people were still playing by the time we had finished playing Castles of Mad King Ludwig so I showed Nicky my copy of Kodama, a game which I got from Kickstarter nearly a month ago but hadn’t played yet. Nicky was game to give it a go and soon we were ready to go and build our trees to score points while also making sure our Kodama’s were happy.

It took us a few rounds to get the hang of it but once we did we really started to enjoy this game. Essentially you are growing trees and matching the symbols on them to score points, there are three seasons and after each you score one of your four kodama cards to gain even more points and the game ended with a victory for me by only a couple of points.

This time we finished at pretty much the same time as a few others and at first I thought about heading home but then Bork suggested Secret Hitler and I just had to stay. There are two teams the fascists who want to pass all fascist policies or elect the Secret Hitler after three fascist policies have come out while the liberals just want liberal policies but they can also win if they find and kill whoever is the Secret Hitler.


While Lewis was setting up the game and explaining the rules to two newcomers to the game, our good friend David popped his head round the door and decided to join us. Once everything was set up it emerged that Lewis and myself were fascists and our glorious leader Bork was in fact our Secret Hitler.

Lewis also managed to somehow start at the first player and instantly established himself and Bork as good liberal players while I took on an obviously suspicious role which David picked up on right away. My corner of the table included two players who were playing Secret Hitler for the very first time and somehow I convinced them that I was good and made them look guilty by being associated with me.

Passing two fascist policies during this time helped our cause a lot and also created what David called a power block, the one thing he didn’t know was that the power block also included a very fascist Lewis and Bork who was the Secret Hitler. David helped us further by shooting a fellow liberal which allowed Lewis to calmly elect Bork as the chancellor which won us the game.


(This photo is from another game night but I thought it would be nice to show just how happy we were to win tonights final game.)



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