UK Games Expo 2016

The UK Games Expo was held at the NEC in birmingham with a multitude of new and existing games on show as well as a wide range of stalls, tournaments and open gaming spaces. Last year I only went for one day to do the Settlers of Catan tournament but this year I got to see and do so much more.

WeirdFTW and I travelled across this great country of ours on the thursday morning, the day before it all kicked off and played some great games along the way. I was taught how to play a great game called Halfling feast, we competed to be the best in Boss Monster and fluxx before we had to leave the train to make the short journey to the hotel.


That evening we made our way to the Hilton Metropole to find out how long the walk would take and when we got there we discovered that all manner of games were already going on. Our first game was with a group who were playing Codenames which was a lot of fun, as was the games of Good Cop Bad Cop, Titan Race and Secret Hitler that followed.

Our friend The Orctioneer was demoing his game Orctions at this event and so we made that our first stop so I could finally have a go at a game I have been hearing good things about.


He was also doing reverse and forward Orctions during the day with a wide selection of games on offer. I finally got to see these happen on the last day and I have to say that it was absolutely incredible to watch.

Hall One of the NEC was chock full of games that were being sold as well as many that were available to have a go at. We spent a lot of time having a good look around and trying out some of the games, we had a go at Thunderbirds, Waggle Dance, Mighty Monsters but my favourite had to be Codenames Pictures which was fun but just a little tougher than the original.


Meanwhile at the Hilton there were panels, events and tournaments going on all weekend. I myself took part in the Ticket to Ride tournament and came in 26th with a second place finish in every round. Ticket to Ride is one of my favourite games and I had a lot of fun playing in the tournament plus it was cool to receive the orient Express mini expansion just for playing.

We didn’t really do any of the panels or the events as there wasn’t a lot of time left to do them. However what we did do was a lot of open gaming in the evenings, most of which went on until late and when I say late, I mean late.


(All Hail The King )

We met lots of amazing people and I got to try out a few new games including Garbage Day, Kingsburg and Tunhill, a game which my good friend lewis has been trying to break out for quite a while now. Most of the games that I seemed to do best at took place quite late at night but it really didn’t matter whether I won or lost, it only mattered that I had fun and you know what I did.

On the Saturday we also found space to play in the Norfolk room with pretty much every table featuring people from NoBoG or Athena Games and I even got my copy of Kodama to the table which everyone seemed to enjoy playing. My good friend Lewis also broke out his copy of Epic Spell Wars and I managed to unleash one of the most devastating spells that I have ever cast.


(Great Power No Responsibility)

What was so great about this event was that everyone was so welcoming and more than happy to talk about the games they were playing or wanted to play. It was nice to be a part of such a welcoming community and it was great to try out new games as well as being able to share the games that I enjoy playing with other people who enjoy games as much as I do if not more.

Last year I only got to see a small part of the show as I was taking part in a tournament all day, this year I got to see so much more and had tons of fun playing games with good friends and we made so many more friends while we were there. The dates have already been released for next years event so if you are going then I will surely see you there.


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