The Night we Met Donald Trunk

On the saturday night of the UK Games Expo in Birmingham some friends and I had gathered in the Norfolk room of the Hilton Metropole which was quite appropriate as the majority of the people in there were either from NoBoG or Athena Games, both of which are situated in Norwich.

Due to various reasons I arrived much later than everyone else but even though a fair few games had already happened, there was still time for a few more including our second game of Secret Hitler. This time I actually got to pass some good policies and somehow the liberals managed to win the game by actually passing all six of the liberal policies that they needed to pass.

I had never ever seen that happen before and as we packed it away the discussion turned to what we wanted to play next. As it turned out the next game would be lewis’s new copy of Machi Koro, a game which he had only bought earlier that day and you know what, he only went on a won his first ever match against two experienced players.


(Machi Koro)

Another great thing about that night was Lewis also got his copy of Tunhill to the table, a game which he has had forever but has never managed to get it to the table. The game sees players in charge of dwarves, taking to turns to recruit and play dwarves on mines in order to find the most treasure and defeat the most enemies.

Early on in the game I struggled to get actual miners and my highest point warrior was stuck trying to defeat a dragon. However as the game moved closer to the end the tables started to turn and I emerged with a close and hard fought victory. Hopefully my friend will be able to get it to the table more often now as it is a really good game and one that is definitely worth a look at.

Earlier in the event we had met and played some games with a wonderful lady called Katie and she joined Lewis, Chris and myself for a game called Kodama, the only game I have ever backed on kickstarter. It was also only second time playing it and first with four players so I was looking forward to see how it works and whether everyone else would enjoy it.



After dealing out the kodama’s and setting everything up we began our game and it wasn’t long before everyone started to get really into it which was great to see. Before long we were scoring our first kodama’s and Chris shot up the leader board, the rest of us then spent the rest of the game trying to catch him up but even a massive 20 point score on my end wasn’t enough to do the job.

The final scores escape me but I know they were very close and it was interesting to see how all our different trees turned out. My tree was probably the most like a normal tree while the others were all over the place, especially Chris’s tree whose lop sided tree reminded Katie a lot of Donald Trump or Donald Trunk as he shall now be known.


By this point it was getting pretty late and the Hilton staff had come around to tell us that they were closing things down for the night. Luckily we were already packing up to head back out to our hotel to get some rest for the remaining day of the Expo. It was amazing to play such a wide variety of games with people from all over and I just want to thank you all for making the event so amazing.

Just remember to play more games


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