Gambling with Tuna

UK Games Expo was an absolutely amazing weekend but since then I haven’t done that much when it comes to board Games. On Tuesday of this week I made my return to NoBoG where I played Lords of Vegas and Machi Koro.

On our table we had Rich, Lewis, Sam, Jen, Matt and myself to make a party of 6 which is the upper limit for a game of Lords of Vegas. While Sam set up the game Lewis explained what we were doing to Matt and Jen.

Once the game began it didn’t take long for the points to start building up with Lewis and Matt taking an early lead. Meanwhile I had managed to take control of a casino from Rich while the others were doing their best to gain whatever points they could.


“The Big Three”

As the game wound on the tables started to turn, I had managed to acquire a size six casino and so had Jen which we used to gain a lot of points. It also gave us a lot of money which I used to claim victory when Jen and I tied for the lead.

Lords of Vegas is a great game to play but with this many there is quite a lot of downtime. To solve this problem we had a lot of jokes and I have to say that it was a lot of fun to play with this amazing group of people.

Rich decided to head home at this point while the rest of us headed upstairs because it was getting a quite dark outside. When we got up there we were greeted with the prospect of a five player game of Machi Koro.


“Sea of Red and Purple”

Machi Koro with the harbour expansion is a really good game and sees up to five players competing to be the first one to build all their civic buildings. I had played it with Lewis twice before now but this time I was determined to win.

This time around I had managed to build up a good combination of cards that promised to get me a lot of money. Using this strategy I was able to get my 22 and 16 cost buildings relatively easily but this good luck didn’t last for long.

Matt used to his business centre to steal my good cards which left me unable to make any real money for a few rounds. That sucked quite a bit but eventually I managed to acquire some tuna boats which allowed me to get back in the game.


“You don’t win games with Salad, you win them with Tuna”

While everyone else was busy trying to steal money of each other, I was just trying to build up enough money to buy my last building. After a few tense rounds I managed to gain the exact amount of coins I needed to buy it and win the game.

Machi Koro is a lot different to Lords of Vegas in that players are engaged all the time. However with every player having multiple cards in front of them in can be a lot to keep track of, especially in a five player game.

There was no time for any fillers this week as both Lords of Vegas and Machi Koro ran on a bit. Although I didn’t mind that to much as both of these games were a lot of fun and I had a great evening playing with an amazing bunch of people.



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