G.O.T S6 EP9: Battle of the Bastards (Spoilers)

It has been a few weeks since i last wrote about an episode of Game of Thrones but there is just no way that I Couldn’t write about episode 9 entitled Battle of the Bastards. yes thats right it is finally time for Jon Snow, Sansa and the wildlings to face of against Ramsey Bolton for control of Winterfell.


However that was not the only focus of this weeks episode which also interjected with scenes in Meereen. Danerys made her return at the end of last week’s episode and with the help of Tyrion, the mother of dragons leapt onto drogon and ended the wise masters attack.

Watching all three of the dragons working together to burn a ship was pretty cool but nothing could have prepared me for Grey Worm’s bad ass double kill. I was also surprised to see Yara and Theon in this episode but their support might just be enough for Danerys to conquer Westeros.


Meanwhile Jon and Sansa trade insults with Ramsey Bolton before the big showdown and Ser Davos stumbles upon what happened to Stannis Daughter Shireen. The discovery Ser Davos made is certainly going to cause some drama pretty soon but I have no idea what is going to go down with that.

When it came to the battle itself, Ramsey showed of his mastery of Psychological warfare and military strategy. Giving Rickon false hope before killing him off as Jon raced to save him was a masterstroke although it would have had a lot more impact if we didn’t know he had Rickon until he was revealed on the battlefield.


Over the last six series of Game of Thrones we have had many different kinds of battles from trials of combat to perfectly executed pincer movements and even some naval warfare but never have we ever had something quite like this. It was downright dirty fighting  and truly showed the horrors of medieval style warfare.

Watching Jon face off against a massive cavalry charge was pretty cool as was seeing a Giant fling horses and people around like they were nothing. It really was utter chaos but Ramsey managed to maintain control of the situation and even managed to encircle the entirety of Jon’s forces.

kit horses

They bravely fought back even though the audience could knew that that they were doomed. Eventually fear set in and Jon was trapped underneath his men as they scrambled to get free, it was very well done and it made for some very dramatic television.

Killing of Jon Snow once agin would have shocked a lot of people but thankfully we were spared that fate. As he struggled to freedom he saw freedom in the form of the Knights of Vale as they utterly obliterated Ramsey’s forces, it was a bit cliche but it certainly did the job.



Jon began the episode by challenging Ramsey to a one on one fight and it was that fight that finally ended the battle. It also showed just how much death had changed Jon but I am glad that it was Sansa and not Jon who finally sent Ramsey to his death courtesy of his beloved dogs.

These two battles are what this series of Game of Thrones has been building up to and I am so happy that they were done well. It is great to see that the Starks have retaken Winterfell and that Deanery’s has ships, an army and her Dragons, hopefully it won’t be to much longer before we start seeing her conquer Westeros.

Ser Davos Seaworth gameofthrones8-large_trans++NJjoeBT78QIaYdkJdEY4CnGTJFJS74MYhNY6w3GNbO8



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