Trying something New

Earlier this week I went along to NoBoG for an evening of board games with friends, last week I spent the evening playing Lords of Vegas and Machi Koro but this week I thought that I would try something different but I had no idea that I would be trying something that has not even finished being play-tested.

As people found their games and the crowd stared to thin I was approached by Shaun who asked if I wanted to have a go at a brand new top secret game he was working on which he was calling Reputation. Much like the others I thought that this name was alright but probably not quite good enough to get people interested.

The game itself is set over the course of five rounds and sees players betting on what they think over players will do, trading with others to get the resources they need to build which comes later on. In addition to this there are also opportunities to sweeten the deal and advisors who you can buy to help you later on.

I liked the fact that there is a lot of player interaction in this game. Betting on things happening can yield a good amount of points, especially if they do the things that you want them to do. as you gain reputation as well. However this may require you to sweeten the deal a little but doesn’t stop them from potentially screwing you over.

You can promise to trade gifts for certain other items that a player might need which can help form alliances but can also be a good opportunity to screw over other players. I was tempted to do it to one player who was doing well but didn’t end up doing it as I knew I wouldn’t get the trades I needed if I did.

I was behind for most of the game and only really got back into the swing of things in the fifth and final round when I managed to build three cards in one go. This catapulted me from last place and into joint second but I felt I could have done a lot better if the cards had been better written.

Overall i had a good time playing this game and I can see it doing really well if certain things are worked out. It is a game that could certainly use a bit more play-testing but I have to say that I rather enjoyed it and would be happy to play it again at some point in the future.



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