Game of Thrones S6 EP10: The Winds of Winter

Game of Thrones series 6 came to a close earlier this week with the events of Winds of Winter. Episode 9 saw that epic clash between the Boltons and what remained of the Starks, this week had a lot going on and saw a lot of interesting reveals and dramatic action right from the start of the episode.

From this point on there will be spoilers so if you haven’t watched the episode then I would suggest watching that first before reading the rest of this bog post. If you have watched it then please read on and why not leave a comment with what you thought of the episode once you are done reading.


There have been some pretty good openings in this series of Game of Thrones but the opening to episode 10 blew everything else out the water. Sure it was a slow build up with the trial of Ser Loras and the Mountain denying Tommen from leaving his room but with the music building we all knew that something big was about to go down.

That whole sequence of events was incredible to watch, the way the music built as Cersei put her plan into action was Genius. She single handedly took out the faith militant, the tyrells, Pycelle and anyone else who might oppose her in one fell swoop.


Thanks to Bran’s visions we knew that there was going to be a wildfire explosion at some point but I didn’t expect to see it completely and utterly destroy the Sept of Baelor. We watched it and so did Tommen who promptly put down his crown and calmly through him self out the window.

Septa Unella was spared that fate but may have met a far worse one as she was handed to the zombiefied Mountain as a plaything for Cersei. It is quite the role reversal for the two characters and kind of echoes Sansa walking away from Ramsey as he was eat by his dogs in episode 9.


Back in the North we finally got to see the confrontation between Ser Davos and Melisandre after he found out that she burnt Stannis’s daughter Shireen in the last series. Littlefinger revealed his ambitions to Sansa and Jon was proclaimed King in the North by Lady Lyanna Mormont (Bella Ramsey).

Lady Lyanna Mormont is an incredible character and I am so glad she got to have a bit more screen time in this episode, seriously they should give that girl an Oscar. Arya Stark finally returned to Westeros, in disguise at first in order to eliminate Walder Frey from her list in truly epic fashion.


We also get one more glimpse of Dorne with a brilliant performance by the Queen of Thorns. Varys pops back up to deliver a crucial line before seemingly teleporting back to Danerys side, just take another look at the ships at the end of the episode and you will know exactly how he managed it.

I really liked the little moment between Danerys and Tyrion as she named him the hand of the Queen. It was a lovely moment in an episode filled with death and revenge but it wasn’t the only nice moment as Sam Tarly finally reached the Citadel in Old Town and saw that impressive looking Library.



Uncle Bejin’s return a few episodes ago was a bit of a surprise for me but it was good to see him, Bran and Meera in this episode. What was great was that we finally got the conclusion to the Tower of Joy vision and the question of Jon’s parentage was finally answered, well pretty much.

Jamie Lannister returned to Kings Landing after his business in the Riverlands just in time to see Cersei proclaim herself Queen. Now that she has lost all three of her children only one part of the prophecy remains “Queen you shall be until there comes another, younger and more beautiful, to cast you down and take all that you hold dear”


Winds of Winter was a really good finale with so much going on and so many characters departing the show all at once. There are so many dramatic moments and lots of stand out performances from this amazing cast over the course of the episode.

It was great to see Danerys finally setting sale for Westeros with her Dragons, the Dothraki, The Tyrells, The Martells and the Greyjoys. With Cersei in Control of the mainland and Jon as the King in the north, you just know that the next series of Game of Thrones is going to be a good one.





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