Norwich Lord Mayors Show

On Saturday 2nd of July Norwich city centre played host to the annual Lord Mayors Show celebrations. The event features a wide variety of entertainment, food and fun for all the family with a parade through the very heart of Norwich. Throughout the day there is so much to see and do but as night comes and darkness falls, everyone gathers together to watch an amazing firework display above Norwich Castle.


Photo taken by the wonderful LaurenzoPanda’s Cosplays

Norwich has many events throughout the year but I have never failed to miss this one. Every year I have gone along to it with the amazing people that I am lucky enough to call friends and we stand and watch the parade followed by food and finishing the day off by watching the fireworks.

It had been a bit of a weird weather day as it rained every now and then, sometimes it rained even though it was still sunny which was just weird. Luckily for us it held off long enough for us to watch the parade and it even got a bit sunnier when it started which was nice.


The Bagpipes are coming

It is tradition that the parade starts off with bagpipes, I have no idea why but it is a nice way to begin I guess.  One of the things I like most about the parade is seeing all the different groups and how colourful they are. They are all different but one thing remains the same, they all enter into the spirit of the event.

There are groups from all different walks of life with from school groups to dancers to charities and even a few star wars cosplayers. Watching everyone going past was a lot of fun and we got a lot of stickers, most of which went on our good friend Lauren from LaurenzoPanda’s Cosplays.


Now thats how you do a selfie

If you have ever been to one of the Lord Mayors Parades in Norwich then you will know that for the last several years it has ended with a massive pirate ship. My friends and I are massive fans of all things pirate and the pirate ship has got to be one our favourite things about the entire parade.

After that was over we wandered over to chapelfield gardens to grab a bite to eat before checking out what else was going on there. Unfortunately this is when it really started raining and so we decided to abandon the show in favour of chilling round a friends house until it was time for the fireworks.


oooh ahhh

We didn’t get to hear the music from where were standing but we did get a nice view of the firework display. Fireworks display are one of my favourite things about the entire show and I really enjoyed watching it with a great group of people as it was a nice way to end a brilliant day out.

IMG_20160702_233520 IMG_20160702_233442 IMG_20160702_164713IMG_20160702_182051





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