First Game of Puerto Rico

7:30 PM on tuesday rolled around and Once again I was sat in the Mash Tun just having played a few rounds of Boss Monster. As the games were sorted out and the people went off to find their tables I was greeted with the prospect of trying out a game called Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico is a 2 – 5 player strategy game designed by Andreas Seyfarth with really nice artwork from Franz Vohwinkel. Players govern the island on their own individual players board as they construct buildings and generate resources, both of which gain them victory points.

If there are no more colonists or no more space for buildings on any one players board then the game ends and the winner is the player with the most victory points. Along the way players take a  role in each round which determines what everyone can do.


What I liked about this game is the level of strategy involved and the fact that there are many different routes that you can take. Placing money on the roles that are not used is a good incentive to make sure every role happens over the course of the game.

Growing the crops grants you resources which you can turn into money or victory points, you just have to keep an eye on what everyone else is going to be doing. You also have to keep an eye on the buildings as they also grant the player who gets them additional benefits.


This was the first time that I have ever got to play this game and I found that it took me a little while to really get the hang of the strategy of this game. Twice I was frozen out of delivering my goods by the other players who knew what I was going to do before I did.

Puerto Rico was a fun game and even though we had to cut it short I still had a lot of fun playing it even if I didn’t do all that well. However now that I have given it a go I think I could do a lot better at it next time and that is something that I will look forward too.


My good friend Weird A.k.a.Lewis brought out his copy of Garbage Day which sees players taking out the garbage or hiding it in their rooms. However if your room gets to full then you have to clean it by putting all your cards onto the bin.

The Bin grows and grows as more cards are added to it which creates some interesting situations, especially when you have have to put a lot of cards down. The holes in the cards must show the table underneath and this is when things can become quite tense.



Lewis had to put nine cards down at one stage and managed to put eight of them on the bin before it all came tumbling down. Another player found this all quite funny and accidentally knocked the bin which also caused him to be eliminated from the game.

Garbage is a nice simple game that can get very tense and also be really funny at the same time. However like most elimination games the players that are taken out have nothing to do while they wait for only one player to be left standing.

Tonight was a lot of fun and I can’t wait to play some more games next week






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