Head Out Not Home

Throughout the months of july and august there is an event in norwich that aims to get people to head out not home. They do this by providing pop up music areas in the evenings with a variety of different musical styles such as funk and salsa on show.

Yesterday I had finished volunteering at the British Heart Foundation around 5pm and had a couple of hours to kill before heading to the Maddermarket theatre for their Scratchshot. So I had a look around town and discovered what live music was on offer.


First stop was the Haymarket where I discovered a funky group whose name escapes me at this point in time, all I can tell you is that they were really good. While there I got myself a McFlurry from the nearby McDonalds and had a lovely time out in the sunshine.

After that I moved down towards the market on Gentlemen’s walk and discovered a very chilled out atmosphere courtesy of Chilli Con Salsa. It was lovely lots of people getting involved with the salsa dancers and the music was pretty nice too.


Events like this are such a good idea as they give people a great excuse to stay out later and enjoy the sunshine. There was so many different musical styles of show and it was nice to wander around the city looking for them, I wonder what will be on show next week.




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