Blood Rage (First Game)

My latest trip to NoBoG at the Mash Tun in Norwich saw me play a game called Blood Rage for the very first time. This marks the second week in a row that I have had the opportunity to try something new as last week I got to try out a game called Puerto Rico

Pete began setting the game up on one of the tables in the front of the Mash Tun while Richard, Stu and myself sat down and decided what colour team we wanted to be on. All that remained was to decide who was going to go first and to do that I used the random picking app Chwazi.

Players controls their own viking clan, using them to invade, pillage and do glorious battle with the dead vanquished to Valhalla. However your warriors are returned to you at the start of the next round and it is the player with the most points at the end of the third round who wins.


Each round begins with players drafting cards to create their hand for that round. Players can spend rage to invade or to improve themselves and goals to get them points. Pillaging can help you increase your stats to give you greater flexibility and even more points.

Players do all this with miniatures which are well made and I am sure they would look even better if they were painted. I even managed to get one of the monsters on my side which was cool as it had a pretty nice ability, shame I didn’t get to use that much though.


Both Richard and I were relatively new to this game but he took to it a lot better than I did. Mid-way through the second round and I knew that I wasn’t not going to win it. However I battled on and pulled on some cunning moves in the third and final round.

Meanwhile Stu was doing his best to stay ahead of me while Pete had stormed off into the lead. Overall I found Blood Rage to be a really interesting game and I had an enjoyable evening playing it with Stu, Pete and Richard. Hopefully I will get the chance to play it again sometime.


After Blood Rage I had a wander around the establishment and discovered an epic game of Lifeboats. in this game players attempt to get the people across to the other side to score points but the boats are leaking and only one boat moves at a time.

Elsewhere there were games of Codenames, Quadropolis and Secret Hitler going on which are all great games. However by then it was getting pretty late and so I decided to head home early for a change.

Have you played Blood Rage or Lifeboats? If so then why not let me know what you thought of them in the comments or why not comment with what games you have been enjoying lately.


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