Norwich pride and the Rainbow Draft

Last weekend saw Pride come to Norwich, the annual LGBT celebrations drew masses of people to the city centre and to chapelfield gardens in particular where there were food and events taking place. I checked it out after taking part in the Marvel half of the Dice Masters Rainbow Draft event at Athena Games.

On the saturday they held the Marvel event which used the Civil War packs while Sundays event was for DC and used the War of Light set. I attended the saturday only as I went to see family on the sunday and besides I am slightly more interested in the Marvel characters anyway.


This was my first Rainbow Draft event and I have to say that I found everyone to be very welcoming. They were also very patient when I took a while to decide what I wanted to do and I found that I could have a laugh with everyone, especially those I got to play against.

Drafting was fun and I managed to get a whole host of new characters and abilities to use in my teams. However when it came to the tournament itself I didn’t do all that well, the best I managed was a draw. Luck was just not on my side that day but at least I got a cool promo card just for participating.


After the event was over I had a little time to kill before I went to the cinema to watch the new Jason Bourne film (which I will be reviewing soon).  Therefore I decided to go and check out what was going on in Chapelfield Gardens for Pride 2016.

It was great to see so many people having a great time in Norwich and I arrived at Chapelfield Gardens just in time for a performance of a song from the musical Kinky Boots. I have no idea what song they were doing exactly but the performance was good and everyone seemed to be having fun.


Thank you for checking out my post and post in the comments with what fun things you were up to on the weekend


When you are done here why not check out my post about my holiday In Whitby



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