Sushi Go Party comes to NoBoG

Sushi Go Party arrived in Langleys a couple of weeks ago now and last week I brought it along to NoBoG. Meanwhile both WeirdFTW (Lewis) and Chris had both brought a copy of a game called King of New York with them so obviously we had to start with that.


King of New York sees players use their monsters to take control of New York with the winner being the first to reach twenty points or you are the last one standing. What makes this one different to the original is that you are able to actual destroy buildings but you better be careful because the army can fight back.

Monsters can go into Manhattan to gain extra points and resources but only if they survive long enough as every monster outside Manhattan attacks them. However if you are in Manhattan then your attacks hit everyone else. There is a lot going on in this game and you better watch out if you want your monster to survive.


King of New York is a pretty easy game to learn which is handy as we had two newcomers to the game. Much of the early game saw monsters destroying buildings before running away so as to avoid the military. Eventually monsters started going into Manhattan and it wasn’t long before the other monsters were under attack.

One of the best moments in the entire game was when one of the players managed to eliminate both of the players who were in Manhattan at the same time. However what made it great was the fact that in doing so they also activated the military which caused them to be eliminated as well.


Luckily this left only myself and one other player and with an extra die I managed to eliminate him in a couple of turns to take the win. I have to say that I enjoyed playing King of Tokyo with the people at NoBoG but I don’t think it is a game I would want to play to often.

Sushi Go Party from Gamewright is the new version of the incredibly popular game Sushi Go. Much like the original the aim of the game is to be the one with the most points at the end of three rounds. However this time you have a points tracker, some nice visual reminders and of course a lot more choice.

FinalSushIPARTY.Tin TOP.indd

The basic mechanic of picking one card and playing it before passing your hand to the person next to you remains the same. The rulebook does a great job of explaining all the different dishes and the rules for them and even provides some suggestions for how to set up your games which I found to be pretty handy.

As we had a few people who were new to the game I decided to keep to a pretty standard game of Sushi Go. After a few rounds everyone seemed to be picking it up really well and soon they were darting off into the lead which we kept track of using the cool new scoreboard.


After three rounds of Sushi Go Party the win went to one of the new players who managed to win by a single point. I would have liked to have had another go, perhaps using some of the other dishes but I am sure there will be plenty of time to try out everything in Sushi Go Party.

To end the night we broke out a copy of Batman Love Letter which is clearly the best of all love Letters. It was a fun filler game to end the night with but while everyone else was getting points, I had none. I don’t really remember who won in the end but at least I managed to end the game with at least one point.

NoBoG plays games every Thursday 7:30PM at the Mash Tun in Norwich, if you are about then come and play some games with us.


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