Athena Games Third Anniversary

Athena Games in Norwich is a friendly local gaming store where I have played all sorts from board games to miniatures and most recently I have taken part in some RPG’S as well. To celebrate three years in business Athena Games held a special weekend which saw a vast array of games demoed, opportunities to win prizes and an Orction by the Orctioneer himself.


When I walked in the venue I saw a lot of familiar faces, many of whom were either playing games or waiting for one to start. Upstairs games such as Silver Tower, Colt Express and Mystic Vale were being demoed by members of staff and by the demoers from Esdevium Games. Playing in these demoes gave people medals and if you got enough medals you could gain a prize.


Prizes ranged from play mats to promo cards and even full games and if you put the effort in to doing the demoes then you were guaranteed to get something. The last time they did something like this you had to do a lucky dip which meant you could play for ages and not get anything, now I know it is meant to be all about having fun but I must say that I liked this system a lot more.

During my time there I got to play a fir few games including three rounds of Tsuro and somehow remained undefeated. I also got to play Mystic Vale which is a fun little card crafting game, that one took longer to play but it was fun and I was amazed how close it was at the end. Most of the games I played that day I had done before which meant I could just have fun and enjoy the day.


That being said I did get to try out one new game and that is a dungeon crawler called Silver Tower. Players each get there own miniature which they control through the use of dice with the aim being to get through the dungeon. The demo was done really well and I had a lot of fun taking out the enemies, even if my character was nearly taken out in the process.

However the big draw of the day was the big auction or should I say Orction. The Orctioneer himself brought his unique style of auctioning to Athena games, first with a reverse Orction which was followed by a standard forward one. There wasn’t much I wanted to bid on at the time but it was fun to watch everyone bid each other up which saw a lot of games being sold.


Athena Games has always been a great place to hang out and play some games. International Table top day 2015 was one of my first events there and since then I have made a ton of new friends, I have played a lot of great games and most importantly I have had a lot of fun as well. Congratulations on your third anniversary, I am looking forward to playing even more games there very soon.




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