Captain America’s Hamburger Heaven

Celebrations a plenty last weekend with the third anniversary of Athena Games taking place on saturday 20th of August. That day also happened to be the same day as a friend called Tom was having his birthday celebrations at Captain America’s Hamburger Heaven.

Last year he celebrated his birthday with a trip to The Waffle House which was a very fun evening filled with tasty food. This time around we went to Captain America’s Hamburger Heaven, an american style restaurant hidden in the heart of Norwich. The place had an amazing atmosphere and the staff were very accommodating, especially with us doing the presents and cards first.


Captain America’s has a wide range of food available but I decided to go with a burger, mostly because that is what they are really known for. The food did take a little while to come out but I must admit that the burger was very tasty indeed, I just wish that there had been more of it. However the meal did come with a lot of chips and I split some onion rings with a friend so it all worked out.

Once the main course was out of the way there was a few people who wanted to have a pudding. I chose the Apple Pie and cream which turned out to be pretty tasty and overall I have to say that this place was actually pretty nice. I had an enjoyable evening with my friends and I am definitely going to eat there again in the future.



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