In the age of the internet how far would you go for fortune and fame, that is the question proposed by Nerve. The film Stars Dave Franco and Emma Roberts as players in the game called Nerve which starts out with lots of light hearted dares which bring the two of them together, however things soon get serious as events start to spiral out of control.

A high school senior finds herself immersed in an online game of truth or dare, where her every move starts to become manipulated by an anonymous community of “watchers.”


Vee (Emma Roberts) is a shy student from Staten Island who struggles with the confidence to go after the guy she likes and tell her mum what she really wants to do. Sydney (Emily Meade) is a friend of Vee but after she pushes her a bit to hard, Vee decides to join Nerve as a player in order show that she can be more than just the quiet girl in the corner.

Her very first dare is to go up to a stranger and kiss them which is when we meet Ian (Dave Franco). There first scene together was a lot of fun to watch and it wasn’t long before they headed off to New York to do some dares together. Ian is the more confident of the two characters and helps to bring Vee out of her shell but as the connection grows between them so does the levels of danger in the dares.


The shopping sequence and the motorcycle ones that you can see in the trailers are even better to watch than I imagined. Vee and Ian rocket straight to the top of the leaderboards and while I was not surprised at the conflict between Vee and Sydney or about the revelations regarding Ian, I was impressed at the way Nerve was able to manipulate everyone to make things interesting.

Throughout the film we also had moments with Tommy (Miles Heizer) a hacker who was also clearly in love with Vee. While he may be permanently stuck in the friend zone with Vee he does  a great job of providing the audience with context as to what is going on. He also plays a pivotal part in the finale of this film which sees high stakes and a desperate race to end Nerve before it is to late.

Screen shot 2016-08-28 at 18.18.21

Nerve features a great cast of characters who are manipulated in order to bring certain people together while driving others apart and all in the name of entertainment. It is rare for me to see a film which I know so little about before seeing it but this one was a nice surprise for me. Dave Franco and Emma Roberts are brilliant together and this is a film that is well worth a watch.


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