The Orctioneer Spymaster

NoBoG is a local board game that plays a wide selection of games every tuesday starting at 7:30 in the upstairs of the Mash Tun. It is a really nice venue and I have played a lot of great games there and with the people from NoBoG in general. This week we returned to one of my favourite games called Codenames.

Codenames is a really cool word game that sees players trying to find out where their spies are on a five by five grid of randomly drawn words. Each team also has a spymaster who know where the spies are but the only way that they can communicate this is by giving one word clues, it is then up for the team to correctly guess what they mean before the other team find all their spies.


However there are also innocent civilians in the mix who stop a team dead in their tracks. Last but least there is the assassin who wants to find you because if he does then it is game over and the other team wins. What I like about this game is all the interesting clues players give as they try to link the randomly drawn words in the five by five grid.

Sometimes it is easy and sometimes it can be extremely difficult. I played a lot of Codenames at NoBoG this week and we had a lot of fun trying to guess what the clues meant without hitting a spy from the other team. Throughout the night there were a lot of innocent civilians being picked by both sides and even the assassin was found once or twice.


For a lot of the evening I was playing with Caroline, Chris and The Orctioneer himself Elliott. It was great playing games with the three of them, especially when myself and Caroline managed to turn a large portion of the board red before our eventual 3-1 win over the other two. However it didn’t really matter a whole lot as to who won as I was just glad to be having so much fun.

Codenames is one of my favourite games as it is always a lot of fun, works great at parties and is also a pretty nice way to end a night of gaming. It is also very reasonably priced and the amount of times I have played this game and can play it in one evening is testament to how good this game really is.


After two and a half hours of playing codenames with various people we decided to change things up a bit and play a round of Secret Hitler. The game didn’t get off to a great start as fascist policy followed fascist policy.

The bad guys were doing to good a job of confusing the liberals and even though we managed to pull it back there was just no way for us to win. Once again I was surprised at people’s true allegiances but mostly I was just a bit frustrated at the way it all went down but mostly at how long that game took.


2 thoughts on “The Orctioneer Spymaster

  1. Codenames is a truly awesome, fun game. Very sociable. Half the fun is trying to confuse the other team with random and bizarre ‘helpful’ suggestions!

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