Hell or High Water

A divorced dad and his ex-con brother resort to a desperate scheme in order to save their family’s ranch in West Texas.

Hell or High Water is directed by David Mackenzie known for films such as Starred Up and Perfect Sense while the screen play was done by Taylor Sheridan who is known for Sicario and his work on Sons of Anarchy. It stars Chris Pine as Toby Howard and Ben Foster as his brother Tanner Howard, with a run time of 102 mins it is a pretty good film to watch.

The opening shot literally draws the audience in and before you know it you are watching a bank robbery. However this story is not just about two brothers who go around robbing banks but more to do with the reasons why. It is to do with the economic realities of the poor, how we can right the wrongs of the past and about the inherent fatalism of our main characters .


Marcus Hamilton (Jeff Bridges) and Alberto Parker (Gil Birmingham) are the rangers tasked with solving the robberies and bringing the perpetrators to justice. Throughout the film we see Marcus dealing with his impending retirement while simultaneously hurling every stereotype under the sun at his partner Alberto who is more than a match for him.

One of the many things that I liked about this film was the many scenes where the two brothers or the two cops were just shooting the breeze because it allowed the audience to get to know the characters and understand their motivations. The actions Toby and Tanner took were grounded in reality with constant reminders of the hardships that face the people in that part of the world.


Another thing I liked about this film was the choice of music and how it played into the action and their impending fate of our main characters. The lighting and camera were also used to help set the mood and tone of the film and I particularly liked the crane shots that were used throughout this film.

Throughout the film each of the main characters talks about the future with a sense of their impending fate but it is not until the cops are led on a merry chase that we get to see the reality of their choices. As the conclusion of the film draws near there are consequences on both sides which were further explored with a rather interesting conversation during the final scene of the film.


Overall I have to say that I really liked this film, Chris Pine and Ben Foster worked really as the two main leads. While Jeff Bridges and Gil Birmingham did a great job as their counterparts, I think we could have done without the cliches or the stereotypes.

This film may be suited to slightly older audiences than what I have been seeing lately but if you are looking for something good to see then I would highly recommend checking out Hell or High Water.


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