Thorpe Park

Recently a couple of good friends of mine had a week off and thus they came up with the idea of going to Thorpe Park. I was initially unsure whether I would be free for such a trip but it turned out I was and I am so glad that I was able to afford to go with the two of them as I ended up having a really good time.


Photo taken by LaurenzoPandaCosplays

The three of us set out incredibly early from Norwich on the Megabus which took quite a while to get to London what with all the traffic and all but hey I didn’t mind to much. I had my music on me and we certainly had a lot to look at when we reached London itself. All told the journey took around three hours and was very cheep as well which helped quite a bit.

The journey from London to Thorpe Park wasn’t to bad and soon we were on our first Roller coaster of the day which based around the film Saw. This was my third visit to Thorpe Park but my first on this ride but all in all it was a very good ride. We also got to go on the Darren Brown Ride which was an interesting experience, definitely one to be seen to be believed.



After that we went on a few more rides including Swarm, the rapids and even got front row for Nemesis which was pretty cool. However after a while it started raining and we choose to go on some of the indoor rides such as X and the Dodge-ms, both of which were pretty fun. Going on some of the rides when it was raining was a bit different but it certainly didn’t take away from the fun.

Thorpe Park in September was actually pretty good as we didn’t have to wait in long queues all day and actually got to go on a lot more rides including ones we had never been on before. It may have been raining a bit more than we would have liked but hey we still had a lot of fun and I am already looking forward to our next visit.


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