The NoBoG Train

Ticket to Ride is one of my favourite games of all time because it is a great game to introduce people to board gaming and currently it has a lot of different versions to choose from. It had been a while since I last got to play it at NoBoG so I was more than happy to break out my copy of the Pensilvania map when Elliott (The Orctioneer), Caroline, Eliza and Jonathan wanted to play.


These people are considered to be some of the best Ticket to Ride players in the group, especially Elliott and Caroline who have played a great number of the many different versions of this game. I myself have played a great deal of this game and own at least three different versions of this game and while I consider myself a good player I knew I was up for a challenge.

One of the things that I like about this version of this game is the stocks and shares as it can really see a big change in the final scoring. Most of the game went pretty well as people were picking up stocks and shares left and right and I managed to get a good deal of points. However the last few rounds made me pretty nervous as I just couldn’t get the colours I wanted to claim the route I needed.


When all was said and done I managed to win with 188, just 4 points ahead of Elliott. I was amazed that I managed to win that game and was just so happy to have been able to play with such a great group of people. After that I decided to stick around and check out what other games were being played and ended up having a go at 6 nimmt!, Otherwise known as the cow game.

It is a simple game about player numbers but you have to be careful because if you play a number that goes sixth in the row, you then take that entire row. The winner is the player with the least cows at the end. It is a fun little game to play towards the end of the night which I did for  one round before I left to have a go at Cathulu Realms which my good friend Lewis set up.


Cathulu Realms is a sort of deck builder game with similarities to Star Realms or so I have been told. This is a game which sees players attempt to reduce the sanity of the players on their left and their right which meant I couldn’t target Lewis because he was directly opposite me. The winner is our case managed to knock out another player and myself in one fell swoop which was pretty impressive to say the least.

Ticket To Ride Pensilvania , 6 nimmt! and Cathulu Realms were the games I played this week at noBoG and I had a lot of fun playing them. It was also really nice to end by playing a new game I had never played before and I am particularly looking forward to giving that one another go at some point in the future.


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