Morgan is the story of an artificially created humanoid who was created by a lab that is hidden away from the world by a shadowy organisation. Disaster strikes when Morgan attacks a friend, which is when the Shadowy organisation sends in there best corporate risk management consultant to decide whether or not to Morgan should be terminated.


(Director Luke Scott)

Directed by Ridley Scott’s son Luke, this film takes a look at the relationship between the artificially created humanoid Morgan (Anya Taylor-Joy) and those who created her though the eyes of the corporate risk consultant Lee Weathers (Kate Mara). Along the way she is joined by Dr. Alan Shapiro (Paul Giamatti) who conducts a psychiatric evaluation on morgan part way through the film.

Dr. Amy Menser, (Rose Leslie), Dr. Simon Ziegler (Toby Jones), Ted Brenner (Michael Yare), Skip Vronsky (Boyd Holbrook), Dr. Brenda Finch (Vinette Robinson) and Dr. Lui Cheng (Michelle Yeoh) make up the majority of people in this film. each with there own individual emotions and expertise’s in creating Morgan.


(Paul Giamatti Left – Toby Jones Right)

The Psych eval given to her by Dr. Alan Shapiro (Paul Giamatti) was a particularly great scene as it really pushed Morgan to the breaking point. What followed were scenes showing how much everyone cared for Morgan but more importantly it showed exactly what Morgan is capable of and it also set up a final confrontation between her and Lee which worked rather well.

However while we are given a mystery as to what Lee is actually there to do we are left we little to wonder about Morgan herself. The audience are shown exactly what morgan is like right from the off and from then off are left wondering exactly when she will turn away from the calm spoken voice to what she was designed to be all along, an assassin.


(Morgan Left – Lee Weathers Right)

Morgan is a decent film overall and a nice little thriller but one that really isn’t going to make much of an impact in the grand scheme of things. I would still recommend taking a look at this one due to the fact that the actress playing Morgan is particularly good as is the performance from several others and the fight at the end is pretty good but other than that there is not a lot here to really shout about.


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