Deep Water Horizon

Deep Water Horizon is based on the true events that occurred on an oil rig of the same name in the Gulf of Mexico on April 20, 2010. This story chronicles the courage of those who worked on the Deepwater Horizon and the extreme moments of bravery and survival in the face of what would become one of the biggest man-made disasters in world history.


Directed by Peter Berg

True stories always have a great impact on those watching them, especially those stories which happened in recent living memory such as this one. The environmental impact was monumental but it is only hinted at in this film, instead the film focuses on the human tragedy and those 11 men who lost there lives that fateful day.

The film itself opens with the opening testimony from Mike Williams who was one of the survivors from Deep Water Horizon. In the film Mike is portrayed by Mark Wahlberg and for anyone not aware of what is going to happen we get a bit of foreshadowing, along the way to the rig we are also introduced to the main people at the rig including big Jimmy portrayed by Kurt Russell.


big Jimmy portrayed by Kurt Russell

Vidrine is the main guy from BP and is portrayed by John Malkovich who is a wonderful actor and does his role well. His interactions with the crew of Deep Water Horizon were all so intense and shocking, there was a lot of talk about failures and what went wrong and it is clear to the rest of the audience and myself that the director wanted us to see the guys from BP as the bad guys.

One of the things that I was most astounded by was the speed in which the situation started to spiral out of control. As fire and destruction reigned throughout I was amazed by strength those people had, the strength of will to survive and the utter heroism whether it be helping a single man who was trapped or sacrificing themselves in order to give everyone else a better chance at survival.

Gina Rodriguez portrayed Andrea Fleytas

Deep Water Horizon was a tragedy for the environment and for those families and communities who lost people. I can’t even begin to imagine what they must have gone through at the time or have gone through since, therefore I see this film as an important step to understanding the events of that fateful day and would encourage you to watch it and then find out more about it.

Below are a couple of articles I found when looking into this film.

There Was ‘Nobody in Charge’

Horizon’s Final Hours





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