The Girl on the Train

The Girl on the Train is adapted from a book of the same name that was written by Paula Hawkins. I remembered really liking the book when I read it and I was looking forward to seeing the film version from director Tate Taylor who worked on films such as Get on Up and The Help, this film stars Emily Blunt as Rachel, Haley Bennett as Megan and Rebecca Ferguson as Anna.

A divorcee becomes entangled in a missing persons investigation that promises to send shockwaves throughout her life.



The opening sequences of this film give the audience insight into the lives of Rachel, Anna and Megan whose lives start of separate but become more intertwined as the film progresses. Some of the Pov changes did feel a bit out of place but overall they worked well and helped told the story in a way that kept the audience interested in what was going on with these characters.

Rachel’s story is the one we are told to focus on and it is her who is at the centre of the mystery surrounding Megan’s disappearance. What I thought was interesting was the way that the film used flashbacks to tell us more about Megan and what her life was like before she disappeared. However it is not just her life revealed by the flashbacks but also key parts of Rachel’s life too.



Detective Riley (Allison Janney) seemed a lot more on the ball than she did in the book but I have to say that I liked her performance. It was also really nice to see Lisa Kudrow who turned up to play Martha, a minor role who had a big impact in the story. Another great supporting character was Megan’s partner Scott (Luke Evans) who had some great scenes alongside Rachel.

Rachels Ex husband Tom (Justin Theroux) makes for an interesting character as he cheated on her with Anna who he now lives with. The film deals a lot with the difficult relationship between exes and the impact it can have on a newer relationship, particularly when kids are involved but I don’t want to say to much hear as I don’t want to spoil the film for those who still want to see it.



What I liked about this film was the way in which the story developed as it kept the audience engaged with what was going on. The story had a lot of layers and so did the characters which made them all seem a lot more real. It also meant that while I knew the ending that was coming I didn’t mind it so much due to the fact that I had enjoyed the journey that we had taken to get to it.

The Girl on the Train is a really good film and one that I had a good time watching so if you are looking for a good film to see then I would recommend going to see this. However I would also like to suggest checking out the book as that is also a very good read.


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