Pay What You Want Tour

Last night the B2 stage at the Brickmakers in Norwich hosted a gig which featured Dave Giles and Danny Gruff who are both incredibly talented musicians and two people who I have for quite some time. I haven’t been to a gig, let alone one at the B2 stage for quite some time so it made a nice change plus it was good to see lots of old friends who I haven’t seen in years.


Danny Gruff 

But first a bit of back story, I began my journey into the world of Youtube around four years ago with my very own channel where I posted videos about Gatherings I had been to, performances I had seen or movies I had watched. Many of the gatherings that I attended featured people playing music and this is where I discovered people such as the wonderfully talented Dave Giles and Dany Gruff.

Dave and Danny are two incredibly talented and funny musicians who write amazing songs.  Dave actually came and performed a gig alongside a host of other youtubers in 2013 which was a lot of fun. In factI even made a video from some clips that I took of the night which you can see by clicking on this link. The Upload Tour


Dave Giles 

Fast forward to last night and as soon as I walked in the door I was greeted by the wonderful Dave Giles who had a big smile on his face. I also saw a lot of familiar faces who I had seen at gigs that these two had played previously. Many of the songs that were played after took me right back to my youtube days and reminded me a lot about why I loved being a part of that world in the first place.

There was a sense of familiarity and there was also a lot of laughter, random tangents and a lot of funny stories which only served to make the event even better than I already knew it would be. The cost of entry was whatever you felt appropriate and so I put in what I could to help support two artists that I want to see do well and who make genuinely good music.


Over the course of the gig these two amazing artists took turns performing there music and when they weren’t playing they were having fun with us all in the audience. However the night did have to end but before that happened we were treated to some wonderful duets including a brilliant performance of Tribute by Tenacious D.

Talking to them afterwards was really nice and we spoke about the last time they had performed in this area when they did a gig at the Waterfront which they did about two years ago. I had no idea it had been that long since I last saw them live and I hope that it won’t be another two years before I get to see them perform live again as they really are amazingly talented artists that I would highly recommend checking out.

Check out Dave Giles here.

Check out Danny Gruff here.


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