In Honour of Essen Spiel’16

Last weekend saw one of the biggest board expo’s in the world take place in a place called Essen and is otherwise known as Essen Spiel. Many of my good friends and people who I turn to for my reviews and board game related news went to the event which showed off so many amazing board games and I hope that I get to go there myself someday. However in the meantime I think that I will just have to settle for talking about some of the games that I have enjoyed recently.


First up is a game I have only had the pleasure of playing twice and that is Isle of Skye by Mayfair Games. Isle of Skye is an auction, set collection and tile laying game with similarities to that of Carcassonne. The first time I played it was as a three player game but this time I did it as a five player and I found that I enjoyed it even more although i think I still have a lot to learn before I can get really good at it.

Isle of Skye was also on my list for games that I really wanted to try out this year.


Another game that I had a good time playing recently was Glass Road by Z-Man Games. I got to try this game out for the very first time last week at NoBoG and while it seemed pretty daunting at first I soon found it to be rather enjoyable. For example I really liked the strategy involved in selecting the cards that you would use during each round in order to get the most out of each one.

There is a bit of city building, set collection, Simultaneous action selection plus so much more. This game also features so amazing artwork by Dennis Lohausen and overall I have to say that I was impressed by this game and amazed at just how close the final scores were in our four player game with just five points separating first and last place.


The third and final game that I wanted to talk about was a new version of a game that I am incredibly familiar with and that is Ticket to Ride Rails and Sails by Days of Wonder. When it comes to Ticket Ride I have played them all and I even own a few of the different versions. The sails aspect adds something interesting to this series of games and really makes you think about what you want to do next.

What is good about this game is that it reminds you of the original while also giving you something more. There is also the possibility of big points as our winner managed a whopping 280 but that was with a lot of lucky ticket draws combined with being able to build all three of his harbours. However while I did enjoy playing it a lot it is an expensive game and perhaps one more for the fans rather than a new player who is looking at these games for the very first time.


Thank you for taking the time to read this far and if you haven’t checked out these games then I would definitely recommend that you do. If you went to Essen Spiel’16 then I hope you had a great and I hope that I will be able to join you all there next year. Lastly if you have any thoughts on these games or have any games that you think I should check out then let me know by posting a comment.


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