Machi Koro & Garbage Day

NoBoG is a local board gaming night held on monday and tuesday nights at the Mash Tun in Norwich. This week as usual I went on the Tuesday and while there I got to play Machi Koro and Garbage Day, in addition to these two games being really good and the end results being very close they were also incredibly funny and I had a great time playing them.


Lewis (Weird), Tim, Martin and I began the evening with a game of Machi Koro which is a game involving buying cards with numbers on them and rolling dice in order to get more money to buy more cards. While some cards help you get more money there are others which can take money away from you as Martin found out when he rolled the number for the cafe and had to spend a lot on coffee.

For several rounds the only number any of us could roll was a four which was good for me and Martin as it gave us a regular income. Althoguh my real money revolved around the number 12 but this was reduced when Lewis stole both of my tuna boats. However I still had a way to make a lot of money but I just couldn’t roll the number I needed which meant that Tim ended up winning the game with the rest of us with only one card left to go.


Garbage Day was next up on the agenda and for this we were joined by two new players with Tim leaving the group. This is a last man standing dexterity game which sees players trying to force each other to clean their rooms by balancing cards on top of a bin. Players are eliminated when they cause too many cards to fall off the bin but don’t worry there are plenty of ways to cause some mischief to help you survive.

Placing cards on the bin can be pretty nerve wracking, especially when you have got a lot of cards to place and the bin already has a lot on it. However placing a lot of cards on there can lead to a sense of pride and also a lot of laughter should a player fail to balance their cards properly. The only negative about this game is that once you are eliminated there is very little for you to do but sit and watch.


However once the first player gets eliminated the rounds do tend to pick up the pace. for example during the course of our game Lewis managed to eliminate a player before he in turn was taken out by myself a few turns later. Martin was eliminated when I forced him to clean his room into an already full bin before I went to cocky with the way I placed my card on the bin and somehow managed to eliminate myself.

The main reason we play games is to have fun and I certainly had a lot of fun at NoBoG this week. If you have’t tried either of these two games then I would highly recommend checking them out and if you live in Norwich or the surrounding area then you should definitely pop down to the Mash tun on Mondays or Tuesdays and play some games with us.


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