Don’t Breathe

Don’t Breathe is directed by Fede Alvarez and features a trio of thieves who break into people’s houses until one day they find a house that is said to contain a huge amount of money. Hoping for one last big score our trio attempt break into the house but they soon find that the blind man who lives there is not quite as helpless as he seems.



Now I have seen many movies over the past year but it has been quite a while since I have seen one with friends. This was probably a good thing as while I don’t mind a good horror film, I don’t really want to see one by myself. Another thing i liked was the spooky announcement to turn phones off and the fact we went to VUE to see it as it made a nice change to see a film somewhere different.

Our trio of Thieves are Money (Daniel Zovatto) who is well on the way to being a proper gangster, Rocky (Jane Levy) who just want to raise enough money to get herself and her younger sister to somewhere better and Alex (Dylan Minnette) who is a bit shy and very infatuated with Rocky but if you have seen the trailer then you will know that it is only really the last two that we are meant to connect with.


When the thieves enter the house they start getting the sense that things are not quite right and it is not long before we are introduced to the owner of the house known only as the blind man (played by Stephen Lang). Almost immediately the tables are turned and the thieves are trapped in a house with a blind man who knows every inch of his environment as they try to escape with his money.

What follows in a tense sequence of events as they try to escape but no matter what they do he always seems to be ready for them which leads to a lot of jump scares (most of which can be easily predicted). However I will say that there were a few moments that did make me jump and one of the scenes that most impressed me was in the basement when their was no sound or light as it did get pretty tense.



Early on in the film the thieves put the blind man’s dog to sleep which got it out of the way for a while and even though its return was predictable I do really like the way they did it. Having the dog chase them down made it all feel a lot more tense and put the thieves in a lot more danger such as in a scene that sees Rocky attempt to escape in her car.

One thing I will say about this film is that the very first shot of the film lets you know the fate of one of the thieves which takes some of the tension out of the events that happen to them as in the back of your mind you know they will be ok. However on the flip side of that is that knowing that persons fate also creates some tension for the final act of Don’t breathe.


Overall I have to say that Don’t Breathe was a pretty good film with lots of jump scares, dramatic moments and great uses of sound and camera. However I also want to say that there were a few plot points that didn’t quite make sense and some elements could have been explored further although there was one scene involving some fluids which went into a bit more detail than I would have liked even if it was dramatic.




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