MCM October 2016

Hello Everyone, I know it has been a little while since I last posted but I kind of went away on a mini break to London with some friends where we all attended the October MCM. It was three full days of cosplays, shopping and taking a lot of photographs plus I got to sit on the Iron Throne which was actually pretty cool.


Day 1

I arrived a bit later than everyone else as I had to take the train up on the day but at least I had the advantage that when I got to the Excel Centre I could pretty much just walk straight in. Plus it didn’t take me long to find everyone and this meant we could spend more time looking round the halls where we discovered a lot of cool things including a shrine to harambe.

LaurenzoPandaCosplay’s is a good friend of mine and she asked me to be the photographer for the Food Wars meet she was hosting. Now everyone knows I like to take photos so I was more than happy to help out such a good friend and I have to say that I am really happy with the photos that I took at that cosplay Meet.


Day 2

The second day of MCM is usually the busiest but I was not prepared for just how busy it was. I arrived a bit later than expected that day and was immediately wisked off to be a photographer for the D.Gray Man cosplay meet hosted by another good friend of mine Forever-Blossomed Cosplays. That cosplay meet was also lots of fun but not my only one of the day as I also took part in the Harry Potter one later on in the day.

After those meets I headed back inside to attended the my first panel of the weekend which was a lot of fun. The started by giving answers to questions that they always get and then answered a lot of the audiences questions with some interesting results. Following on from that I attended a panel on BBC’s new show Class and got to watch episode 3 early which was pretty cool, plus the discussion after was also a lot of fun.


Day 3

The third day of MCM was a lot more chilled out and mostly involved taking photos of my friends, especially Andy who was getting a lot of attention with his Pumpkin Jack cosplay. They were cosplaying characters from Persona (something I am yet to check out) and as it happened I got to take some photos at their meet as well, I even managed to take some fairly decent ones as well.

We were also joined by a couple of other friends who had come up for the day, naturally they wanted to have a look at the stalls and after the craziness of saturday we did as well. However by that point we realised that if we wanted to see everything and buy what we wanted to buy then we needed to split up for a bit and while I didn’t manage to get everything that I wanted I think it worked out quite well.


MCM October 2016 was a lot of fun and I just wanted to thank all my good friends for making it so memorable in so many different ways. I didn’t do as many panels this time around but the ones I attend were great and sitting on the Iron Throne has got to be one of the best experiences at an MCM that I have ever had. Lastly I just want to thank my friends Forever-Blossomed Cosplays and LaurenzoPanda Cosplay’s for inviting me to be their photographers at their Cosplay meets as I had a lot of fun and had the opportunity to take some great photos.




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