A Street Cat Named Bob

A while back I saw a trailer for a Street Cat Named Bob and I knew right away that this was a film that I just had to see. Fast Forward to now and I have to say that this film has a great story, lots of emotion and many awesome songs plus it has a cat and who doesn’t like cats.

The story itself is based on an international best selling book about the true story of a recovering drug addict and busker named James Bowen. It shows us how he had his life transformed when he met a stray ginger cat named Bob.



One of the great things about this film is that we get to see the struggle that James goes through. There were emotional moments throughout the film and they were emotional because the film really made you care about the characters.

James Bowen is played by Luke Treadaway and I really liked the way he portrayed this real person. James also had a love interest in the film named belle played by Ruta Gedmintas. I really liked the extra dimension she bought to James story of recovery.


Anthony Head feeding Bob

Anthony Head also turns up in this film as James’s dad who doesn’t want much to do with him at the start. However over the course of the film we learn a lot more about the two of them and one of my favourite emotional moments has to be the scene at the house on new years eve.

There are a whole host of other supporting characters who turn up throughout the film but the most important characters are that of James and Bob. I mean Bob even got his own point of view shots which just goes to show how important he really is.


The Real James Bowen, Luke Treadaway, Ruta Gedmintas

A Street Cat named Bob might not seem like much when it starts but stay tuned and you will see something that will make you laugh and that will make you cry. It is an emotional journey with some good songs, a great story and most importantly a street cat named Bob.





4 thoughts on “A Street Cat Named Bob

      1. It’s not opening in wide release here in the US, which I was shocked to hear! But I am very lucky to live within two cities of a place where it is showing. So, I will let you know! 🙂

      2. I would say I am surprised by that but I know that it is not that big of a film, at least you are lucky enough to be able to see it, I just wish more people could.

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