First Impressions of Adrenaline

Adrenaline is a brand new board game published by Czech Games Edition designed by Filip Neduk with art work by Jakub Politzer.  This game brings the fun of first person shooters to the world of board games with incredibly fun results.

This game is actually not out yet in the U.K but luckily for us two members of staff at Athena Games in Norwich went over to Germany and picked up a copy at Essen Spiel. They then brought it back to the U.K. and had it demoed for us by a fellow staff member who did a very good job at explaining how the game worked and I think I picked up the general gist of the game pretty easily.


What I liked about Adrenaline was that when a player is killed they get respawned in a new location on the map but they are also worth less points when they are killed. This means that the  damage is more likely to be spread around which keeps everyone involved. There are points available for the kill, for anyone who hit them and an additional point for the first hit which means there are plenty of points to go around.

There is a lot of symbology in this game which can be a lot to get your head around and this did slow down our game a bit but I think this will be less of a problem the more someone plays the game. However one good thing about this game is that the points are kept face down until the end, it just keeps things interesting and gave us a surprise when a player who we didn’t think did well managed to win the game.


Another game I got to play at the monthly board game evening was called Terror in Meeple City which was published by Repos Production, designed by Antoine Bauza, Ludovic Maublanc and features artwork by Pierô. In it players take the form of monsters with the aim being to eat he most meeples and destroy the most buildings, there are also bonuses for eating the most of a certain kind as well as for eating sets.

Both myself and the guy I was playing the game with were pretty new to this game which meant that the set up took a little while as we had to learn the rules at the same time. However this game was very easy to pick up and even easier to play. Most of the time you are flicking your monster to move around and blowing or flicking or even dropping the monster to destroy the buildings to eat the meeples.


Adrenaline and Terror in Meeple City are both good games and I am happy that I got to try them out at Athena Games monthly board game evening. They are held every month and are a fantastic opportunity to try out some new games. Out of the two i played Terror in Meeple City is more accessible to new players but if I could only afford to have one then I would have to go with Adrenaline.





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