Kingsburg is a game from fantasy flight that sees players influencing the members of the kings court in order to gain resources, points and strength in order to fight off invading armies. The one with the most developed territory and thus the most points after 5 years (20 turns) is declared the winner but to get there you will need to rely on some good dice rolls and some cleaver thinking to get the most out of the game.


The Buildings 

The first time that I got to play this game was back at the UK Games Expo in june when a fellow member of NoBoG (Norwich Board Gamers) brought it along to the event to play. Back then I had no idea as to the value of certain buildings to the overall strategy of the game and while I can’t remember how well I did I do remember that I had a lot of fun playing that game which is why I was excited to give it another go at NoBoG.

What I like about this game is the beautiful artwork and the simplicity of it all, it is also very easy to block someone or get blocked. Each turn players roll a set of three dice and use the numbers of the dice to take the corresponding numbers on the board and the actions that come with them. Another thing I like about Kingsburg is the buildings as there are several routes you can go down and each one gives you new abilities to help you win.


The face of a man who rolls three two’s but doesn’t have the statue

However these buildings can only help you if you have already built them which is exactly the situation that my friend Lewis (WeirdFTW) found himself in last night. He managed to roll three two’s, something I have never seen in that game and if he had had the statue he would have been able to re-roll one of them or all if he had the chapel which is the next upgrade in that particular row.

As our game went on myself and another player went full steam ahead on the religious strategy which actually seemed to work well for the both of us. However it was an expensive strategy to pursue and cost us a lot of turns to achieve which is not great when you have only got about 20 turns in the whole game. What this usually translates into is several turns which take a while as you try and think of the most efficient way that you can get what you want.


Red has pleased the king the most, sadly I am not red

Towards the end of the game it became painfully clear who the winner was going to be and while I did my best to catch up I was still five points behind at game end. However I still got 2nd place and I was pretty happy about it, especially as I was able to build my cathedral on my very last turn.

Kingsburg is a very enjoyable game to play and one that I would definitely consider adding to my collection at some point in the future. There is additional expansions that you can add to the game that I have yet to try out but based on what I have played I have to say that I really liked it and would highly recommend that you give it a go if you get the chance.


UK Games Expo 2016


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