Disney have returned with their latest musical adventure after Frozen back in 2013 which saw international success thanks to songs such as Do you Wanna be a Snowman and Let it Go. Can Moana rival the success that Frozen found, well I guess we will never know just how far it might go.



Moana is the story of a a chieftains daughter (Auli’i Cravalho) who answers the call of the ocean which sets her off on a journey to find the demigod Maui (Dwayne Johnson) to end the curse and set things right.

The film itself is set in ancient Polynesia and it does a great job of showing off the culture in both the visual style and within the songs themselves. There were also several emotion filled moments which were enhanced by the depth Moana had as a film.


Auli’i Cravalho is a relative newcomer to the film industry and I have to say that she did a great job in her role as Moana. However the name that will bring a lot of people into the cinema is Dwayne Johnson as Maui who is everything you might expect from a demigod.

He starts of a bit selfish and self centred but when he and Moana are encouraged to travel together  he begins to change. This paves the way for some great character moments that reveal the true nature of Maui and Moana.


As you might expect from musicals there are moments when a song just starts up but for the majority of the time the songs feel like a natural part of the story. One song to watch out for in particular is a classic villain song inspired by David Bowie about a very shiny crab.

Moana’s directors are well known for Disney classics such as Aladdin, Hercules and The Little Mermaid. There work combined with the songs by Lin-Manuel Miranda the creator of Hamilton and the songs by Operetta Foai are what makes this film so great to watch.


If you liked Disney Musicals or if you just want to see a good film then I would highly recommend checking out this film. The story is really good, the characters are great and you will leave the cinema with these songs stuck in your head.




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