A Monster Calls

A Monster Calls is based on a story of the same name which was written by Patrick Ness. Directed by J.A. Bayona this is the story of when a boy calls a monster to help him cope with his mums terminal illness.


Lewis MacDougall plays Conor and it is he who the film focuses the audience attention on as well as Felicity Jones as his Mum. Conor was a character who always knew that his mother wasn’t going to get better but always hoped that she would and that made for some very emotional scenes.

Conor’s father played by Toby Kebbell pops up for a brief spell to support his son. His part of the story might not be as impactful as others but his scenes do provide for some of the lighter moments within this film.


We are introduced to Conor’s grandma part way through the film who is played by none other than Sigourney Weaver. She puts in a brilliant and emotional performance in this film and what I liked about this film was the way it explored the relationship between them.

Another important character that we are introduced to is the Monster voiced by Liam Neeson. The Monster pops up several times throughout the film to tell Conor three tales which will help him understand and cope with the terminal illness his mother has.


The stories themselves are beautiful and work really well to teach Conor as well as the audience about the nature of good and evil, the importance of well placed faith and about the invisible becoming visible.

A Monster Calls was a brilliant film to kick off the year with and I highly recommend that you go and see it. There are lots of brilliant performances and the final act was so emotional that not a single dry eye was left in the entire cinema.

Just make sure that if you see this film that you take a box of tissues as you will definitely need them.



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