Adrenaline at NoBoG

For the past weeks I have brought Adrenaline to my local board game group otherwise known as NoBoG. It is a game for three to five players and both weeks I have managed to get a full five player game in, that’s eight people who have now experienced this game.


Adrenaline is billed as a first person shooter style board game although when you play its more like in the 3rd person. Players take two actions on their turn which mostly revolves around moving, picking up weapons and of course shooting them.

Damage you do to others results in them taking wounds, the more damage you do the more likely it is that you will get the most points when they die. Killing off a player results in them being worth less points when they die which is cool as it means that everyone will take damage over the course of the game.




The first week that I got to the table was also one of the first times that I had needed to teach the game myself so things did get a bit muddled. However everyone seemed to be getting on fine with it and soon the bullets were flying. Somehow I managed to get third that night despite not getting a single kill with the eventual winner getting three.

The second week saw four brand new players join me for a game of Adrenaline. This time I had a much better idea what I was doing even if I didn’t quite get the overkill rule when I began the game. The other thing that was different about this week was that it became a lot more tactical and while I still came third, I did manage to get not one but two kills.


In the second game in particular three of us managed to get two kills but they ended up with more points from the kill-track. This was due to fact that they had the benefit of over-killing there targets, something I had forgotten about when I started the game.

Adrenaline has gone down pretty well at NoBoG and both weeks the games have been pretty close. With each play through I am learning more about the weapons and the best way to teach it, now I just need to find an excuse to play it again.


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