First Impressions of Gremlins INC

Right I have a question for you, how would you like to be a capitalist Gremlin? you would? well then you might want to grab yourselves a copy of Gremlins Inc. The game is designed by Alexey Bokulev with amazing artwork Yaroslav Pavlyshynets.

Gremlins Inc is a card game about completing projects and sabotaging the work of other players in order to gain the advantage. my friend Lewis (WeirdFtw) had been trying to get this to the table at NoBoG for weeks and I’m so glad that I finally got a chance to play it.

On a players turn they can do two actions which can include starting projects, adding the resources needed or playing cards to help yourself. The fourth and final thing players can do is to complete a project which is how you get your points and the means to win.


To complete a project you need to add resources to it, the more points a project has the more resources it will need. Gold, Industry and Malice are the three main resources you will be playing with and while they are used to complete projects they can also be used to trigger powerful effect cards.

Many of these cards are free but the more interesting ones require you to spend resources you had previously assigned to projects. These cards can help you gain more resources that you need while slowing down your opponents but it can be a bit of a risk. However it can also be immensely satisfying if you are able to pull it off well.




In terms of the rules we all managed to pick it up pretty easily and with five the messing around didn’t get to bad. Mostly I just focused on getting the resources I needed for my projects and playing cards when I could. However with all the shenanigans I found it best to remain flexible and not focus too heavily on one particular strategy.

Gremlins INC was a lot of fun to play and now that I have had at least one game I would definitely be up for another. If you are looking for a fun game to play then I would highly recommend taking a look at this game.





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