Thief’s Market

Thief’s Market is a game for 3-5 players, designed by Dave Chalker with artwork from Rob Lundy and Adam P. McIver. It is brought to us by Tasty Minstrel Games and the game sees players attempting to get the best share of the loot without making themselves to much of a target.


At the start of the round the loot dice are rolled and each player in turn takes a share of the loot. However while loot can be taken from the centre, it can also be stolen from the other players but when you do that one of them has to be put back in the pot and re-rolled.

If you suffer from action paralysis (AP) like I do then this game is going to cause you to have some problems. While you may have some AP from deciding what card you would like, the majority of it will come from deciding what to take and where you take it from.


Obviously stealing from other players will cause them to be annoyed, especially if they are left without anything useful. I don’t tend to react well to this sort of mechanic, just ask my friend Lewis about my Munchkin experience. However you just have to remember that you are all equally likely to steal and be stolen from.

While most sides of the dice give you resources which help you buy cards, two of the sides do not. For example one side gives you money which can be used in the place of resources and one side that gives you infamy tokens which translate to extra points at the end of the game.


When all the resources are taken and everyone is relatively happy with what they have got, players then move on to the buying phase. Whoever picked the first player token will buy a card first, some of these cards will give you additional benefits right away and some will aid you over the course of the game.

Many of these cards allow you to transform the dice that you end up with into something else. I didn’t really end up with many of these but I did end up with a card which gives me infamy when people steal my loot. For players prone to action paralysis it can mean it gets more difficult to decide as there is a lot more to think about.


In our game I certainly found it useful to have all the basic effects neatly explained on the backs of the player boards. The rule book also gave us more information on specific cards which was pretty handy. I also got pretty lucky towards the end of the game and ended up as the King of Thieves.

Thief’s Market is a really fun game and I am so glad that I got a chance to try it. If you want to find out more you can check out the game on Board Game Geek.

p.s. I just wish I could have had this game go to an ultimate tie, I mean who wouldn’t love watching someone grab the first player token while running out the room shouting You fools Muahahaha,


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