The Lego Batman movie

After the success of 2014’s Lego movie and the incredible performance of Will Arnett as batman, we finally get a decent solo batman film. Directed by Chris McKay, the guy behind Robot Chicken brings us a story about Batman dealing with the criminals of Gotham City, the responsibility of dealing with a kid and what it means to be part of a team again.


Right from the start this film is incredibly self referential, kind of like what Deadpool did last year but with more of a kid friendly focus. There may not be the same kind of fourth wall breaking that made Deadpool such a success but it makes a lot of jokes about Batman films over the years and that is where it works.

The majority of the film deals with the relationship between Batman and the Joker, (Zach Galifianakis) that Batman just doesn’t seem to appreciate. With some special guests from some other warner bros properties, the joker will show Batman exactly what life would be like without him.


Meanwhile Batman may just have to drop the whole lone vigilante thing, especially when he accidentally adopts orphan Robin (Michael Cera). Ralph Fiennes is a brilliant Alfred and Rosario Dawson does an incredible job as Barbara Gordon. Together they make an amazing team, something that Batman has a hard time dealing with over the course of the film.

Even if you have seen that much of the Batman franchise there is still plenty to laugh at and enjoy in this movie. If you have seen as much of the Batman stuff as I have then you will certainly appreciate all the little details and references. I liked the fact it was able to make fun of itself and I really did enjoy watching this film.


Batman’s arc in this film may be somewhat predictable but there are some great moments when the film pulls back the humour and focuses on character. Robin is incredibly chipper but even he develops well over the course of the film and it was great to see that Alfred had something more to do than just stand around and be a butler.

It was cool to see so many of Batman’s other villains as well with many being cameos and or parody versions of themselves. Sure the Joker may be a bit more mischievous than he is deadly but I did enjoy his unique relationship with Batman.


The Lego Batman movie has a good story with lots of self deprecating humour, in jokes and references that fans and non fans can enjoy. Not only does it look and sound great but it also leaves us with the message that the only way to fix things is by working together.





3 thoughts on “The Lego Batman movie

  1. I found it funny to have Ralph Fiennes as Robin, while there’s Voldemort in the film.
    I did laugh a lot in this movie, but at the end I didn’t really like it. Unfortunately. It felt a bit like they tried to make a film both for kids and adults. Happy that you liked it though. I have seen so many positive reviews!

    1. Yeah it was interesting to see both him and one of his most well known riots in the same movie. Most of the reviews I have seen are pretty positive but while I did like it, it would have been nice if it had focused on one group rather than trying to pass both adults and kids.

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